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Registrar civil ceremony cost

Is any body else shocked by the price the ceremony costs? I just got a letter as its just been booked telling me its £561 and need a £150 deposit. The price doesn't include marriage certificate! I still need to pay £35 each for notice of marriage. The ceremony is only half an hour so why so much


  • hi, you're paying for the cost of the registrar travelling and their time. I'm guessing you're not getting married at a registery office? You should have been informed of these costs when you booked your venue, it also should be in all the bumph that comes with it aswell.

    Should be :

    Giving Notice £30 each.

    Register Office

    Marriage Ceremony including certificate £43.50

    Approved Premises

    Marriage Ceremony including certificate*

    Mon - Fri £270.00 from April 2008

    Sat/Sunday/Bank Holiday - £300.00 from April 2008

    From 1 April 2009

    Mon - Fri £270.00 from April 2009

    Sat/Sunday/Bank Holiday - £320.00 from April 2009

    Thats taken from my county's website. your fee for your marriage ceremony and certificate should be included in those costs, i'd enquire about that if i was you.
  • it depends where you live - we have paid £311 for the registrar (£39 less than the church) and £30 for our notices each. hotel was going to charge £250 for room hire too but i argued that i was having the room all day and night anyways and now they're doing it for free
  • getting married in Kent but live in Woolwich near london. My venue is costing me £2650 from 9am til midnight ok I got the ground floor of a mansion but you'd thing the costs would include your registrar. My venue organised it for me so I didn't know the costs til the letter landed through the post

  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239
    We got married in Kent and paid £30 each to give notice and then £370 for the Registra and then £3.50 for the marriage certificate.

    We got married in Nov 2008 and we lucky though as we only had to pay 2007 prices. The price increases take place in April each year, but as we gave notice at the beginning of March they honoured the price with no increase.
  • We are in Cornwall and have chosen to get married at the registry office (which is a lovely old building btw) as to have the ceremony at the hotel would have cost an extra £300 room hire + £360 for the registrar + giving notice at £30 each and certificate at £3.50. We are paying £210 for the registry office therefore saving £450!!

    Our area have charged the rate for the time we are getting married not when we gave notice. If we had gone for the basic ceremony at the registry office it would have only cost us £67 but we wanted to chose our own music and have readings which the basic ceremony wouldn't have offered us x
  • Chel0506Chel0506 Posts: 628
    I live in East Yorkshire and gave my notice yesterday.

    It cost us £30 each for the intention to marry, and will cost us £390 for the day (which is premium price a it's a Sunday)

    She said that there is a pay increase in April but as long as we pay the £390 by end of March then she will honour the price. This includes the cost of a certificate. We have been told to select 5 songs for the ceremony and have the option for a up to 2 readings.

    Our venue isn't charging extra for room hire as we are catering for their min numbers and using the ajoining room on the night. x
  • mrsLtoBmrsLtoB Posts: 138
    I live in Berkshire and have paid £60 for the notices and am paying £55 for morning ceremony on a Saturday, Sounds like I got a bargain!!!
  • Our was £60 for the marriage notices and £378.50 for the Registrar and 1 marriage certficate.

    We haven't paid a deposit either!!
  • Chel0506Chel0506 Posts: 628
    Looks like it's a classic case of postcode lottery!!
  • MrsHobbesMrsHobbes Posts: 1,762
    We're giving notice tomorrow. It's £30 each to give notice, £400 for the registrar and £7 for a marriage certificate. Bloody expensive!
  • hi guys can somone help me out here , are all these prices at the registry ofice or are you having private venues ?? help help 

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    Venues charging us £500 for the room an add on to their package, if we had not gone with the package is £875 to hire the room for the ceremony. We are getting married in a different room to where the reception is held. The room hire includes hire of a small room next to the ceremony room to do the pre ceremony conversations with the registrar.

    Giving notice was the better part of £100, that was at the local registrar office.

    The fee for the registrar, different area to our local one is £575 in total, but we are getting married on a Sunday at a venue of our choosing.

    It's weird your venue didn't explain the registrar fees are separate to their fee, it seems to be standard practise, after all you will have been the ones to give notice and book the time slot with the registrar, and to book the time slot we paid a none refundable  £100, the other £485 is due in March, wedding is the start of May.

    Will dig out the paperwork tomorrow to see if there is an additional charge for our copy of the certificate!

    Never assume something is included, double check your contact. We have our first planning meeting with the venue in a couple of weeks, my list of queries is growing by the day, I could email them but a lot I would rather see the answer, in context, like we're can the do set up?

  • I live in Berkshire, £35 each for notice, £450 (I think) for Sunday ceremony, plus certificates on top. 

  • el&kelel&kel Posts: 1

    Me n my partner were shocked by the cost for registrar but we have already booked the venue. So we are going to get the "paperwork "done by doing it for £45 at the registrar office with just 2 witnesses. (no parents) months before our date booked at the venue.Then renewing our vows with all the family who wil be none the wiser until afterwards by then drink is flowing and we have the day of our lives which the government. Havent cashed in on! Lol love should be free x


  • NuggyNuggy Posts: 527

    I'm in East Sussex, paying £300 for a Saturday wedding at the registry office plus £35 each for giving notice. It would have been £450 plus notice fees to get the registrar to conduct ceremony at another venue plus venue charges. 

  • Jod3sJod3s Posts: 56

    I'm Barnsley council and we've paid £420 plus £70 for notice. Luckily our package included the venue x

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