Does anyone know where I can go to try on a wide selection of veils? I'm on the lookout for something but everything seems to only be available online.... I'm wearing a fishtail dress and stressing over whether to go for an elbow length or cathedral veil... Any suggestions of bridal shops in London or Surrey where I can jut try on beautiful veils and not dreses? Thanks!

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  • Geministar, not sure about specific shops but i'm also a surrey bride wearing a fishtail and i say go Cathedral length! it's such a statement. My mum has made mine, saved me a fortune. It's double layer, edged with ivory ribbon and she's handsewn Swavorski crystals randomly on it so it twinkles nicely. Cathedral all the way! xx
  • Deff no Cathedral!

    I have no local knowledge of surrey so can't help with where to try on but could you phone the local bridal shops and find how many veils they have in store and see if you can go in and try them ?

  • Hi,

    Chiltern Street in London (nr Marylebone Lane/Baker Street) has a number of bridal shops. I went to Bridal Rogue Gallery, they were really helpful and I ended up buying my shoes and bag. They also let me try on veils, but I didn't buy as I had a already spent a mini fortune, am going back there for definate. Hope you have success.
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    Luella's Bouduoir in Wimbledon could be good, they have all sorts of little things from jewellery to even bms dresses. It's like a little fairy shop...

    Try the Ring of Roses chain - there should be one in Surrey

    Isabel Kurtenbach in Kensington does veils too. But I think you need to order them well in advance.

    That's all I know I'm afraid! I don't have a veil yet either!! xx K
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    Hi Geministar, you could try Vera Wang in Selfridges, ask for Justine. I bought my fab ivory lace cathedral veil from there, plus they have 10% off until Feb 1st! OMG there I am budgeting again!

  • Ooooh thanks so much ladies! Much appreciated!

    Karolina how are things with you? Hope your plans are coming along well!
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