any peckforton castle brides2b?

hi, just wondering if anyone else was getting married at peckforton castle? we are getting married there in june this year.... come round so quick, i cant believe it! thought it may be nice to swap hints/tips.....



  • shafsshafs Posts: 195
    HI.My friend got married there in November last year. It was great. One thing I remember clearly and checked with her before posting is that do NOT use the photographers recommended by the castle. She said they were so rude, intrusive and unprofessional. She paid alot of money for her pics and they are of a standard any guest could have taken with a cheap camera.

    Just thought I would let you know.

    However, everything else was stunning.

  • i hate to say but ive read some bad reviews on about this venue, might be worth a read...
  • Hi hun my friedn is marrying there on the 20th June this year image

    what date is yours?

  • ajdress - the bad reviews are from before it was taken over 18months ago, so thanks for the concern but the new owners are great and ive heard only good since.

    mrs westwood2be - we get married on the 26th june, same week as your friend - ha ha! has she got everything sorted? when is your big day? your venue looks magical too.

  • Wow you get married the friday is it? She has got most sorted i think. She went the other day looking at the rooms again.

    Ours is the 6th June aww thankyou its Dundas Castle in Edinburgh. We fell in love with it.

  • yeah the friday.... and your just couple weeks earlier in a castle too. are you gonna miss your friends coz youll be on h.moon then? where are you going on h.moon? we really struggling to find somewhere with good weather. were thinking french polynesia, but such a long flight? then dubai beach was closed couple of days ago as apparently its a health hazard so thats that out!!!

    would be interested to find out where people are going that time of year?

  • We do yeahwe are looking to go away on the 9th June for honeymoon.

    We are booking america (LA New York and Vegas) and then either hawaii or caribbean for our second part.

    Places are out in June for most as they are rain season for luxury destinations. We went to maldives last june and got v lucky with weather buit wouldnt take the risk again esp not with honeymoon.

    Places like some of caribbean islands are best, but again check as some are rainy depends which ones. America is great, Its also the heat you need to check as some places might not be rainy but arent at all in June.

    We can only ever holiday in June every yr so getting good at where to go and not go.

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