Today I've treated myself to...

A Sass & Bide dress in the Net-a-Porter sale and a pair of Paul Smith shoes(also in a sale)!!!

Didnt take me long to get back shopping did it?? lol

Anyone bought anything nice recently? x


  • EugeniaukEugeniauk Posts: 535
    ohh well done Miss Annie, don't keep the pics to yourself!!

    How is the little tyke these days? Are you getting any sleep?
  • Oooh, lucky thing, yes yes pics please!...I'm being very boring and the new things I have bought are bed linen for our new house (which I do love as never spent much money on bed linen before, but really want to start off with lovely stuff in this house!!!) and bedside mundane to everyone else, but I still get so excited!!!

  • Yes! bought a beautiful silk shirt from All Saints the other day! £££

    I want to see your dress!

  • oooh me me me!! Not so recent but I bought a lovely black leather Bally bag on sale while I was in Budapest for christmas/new year! I love it!!! But also going shopping at the end of Feb in NY so I'm sure I'll have lots to report then yay!!
  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    Sass & Bide Dress:

    It was half price today!!!! How could I possibly resist??

    I cant find a pic of the shoes but they're round toe stressed leather in electric purple. Same shape as these:

    Except plain and purple!!! They were half price too cause it was the last pairimage

    I get really excited about buying house stuff too june09!!! Glad everyone else has been treating themselves too xx

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  • AlexFinnAlexFinn Posts: 1,646
    Credit crunch, what credit crunch! haha!

    I was paid today and have just bought these Brian Atwood Slingbacks:

    Love that dress Miss Annie, also this week on Net-A-Porter there is an extra 20% off sale stuff if you enter the code WINTER

  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    Ooooh those shoes...very nice indeed!! You can never have too many shoes...

    With the extra discount the dress was half price although shipping costs hiked it up again but still a total bargainimage
  • manolofanmanolofan Posts: 219
    My emmy shoes came today, will post a pic when I know how :L
  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    More shoes- yay!! And Emmy ones too, bet they're fab

    You need to upload the pic to photobucket and right click, select properties and then copy the location. Stick it between the little image brackets et viol???? uploaded picimage

    Please upload a pic!!! I love emmy shoes x
  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    Ok I didnt buy these but I think my best friend(shes one of my bms too!) deserves a special mention.

    Arent these just the cutest little shoes ever??

    I'd love to be able to keep them for the wedding but she'll probably have outgrown them by then! Oh well, any excuse to buy more shoes...

    Its amzing- she already has a shoe collection to rival mine!!! xx

  • lozzlepoplozzlepop Posts: 677
    They are so cute! And I know which Paul Smith shoes you're talking about MissAnnie, they're gorgeous! Today I've treated myself to a day without leaving the flat, which is incredibly rare and so nice.
  • oh how adorable are those little diors.... i want a baby now!!!!

    yesterday i treated myself to my agent provocateur bridal underwear. soooo gorgeous... nearly as gorgeous as the dior baby shoes! x
  • AlexFinnAlexFinn Posts: 1,646
    Cute shoes, we bought my niece a pair of baby Uggs in Australia, so cute!

    Lovely Princess, did you go into the store or buy online? I can't wear pretty underwear under my dress which is annoying so will get it for the honeymoon I think. x
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