Hi ladies,

I'd really like to have a videographer to capture the main events of the day and also to give me something to look forward to when the big day's over but H2B's really not keen on the idea. I've promised to find someone who's really discreet, that we won't even notice - problem is now I need to find that person. I've asked my photographer but the only person she knows is booked up on our wedding day (21 Aug).

Can anyone help me out?!


Snowberry x

P.S. Forgot to mention that the wedding is in North London.

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  • AlexFinnAlexFinn Posts: 1,646
    Hi snowberry-I was just about to recommend my videographer but I am getting married on the same day as you!!!

    Hope you find someone. xx
  • Hi Lola,

    Shame about the videographer but great to find someone's that getting married on the same day as me. Can't believe how quickly time is going, under 7 months now.


  • Lola, who was the videographer you were going to recommend? I'm an April bride and playing with the idea of a videographer.... image
  • yes, for me too please. i am getting married in September and also hoping to have a video but with a reluctant H2B a discreet one is essential!
  • AlexFinnAlexFinn Posts: 1,646
    His name is Les Watts, and the website is:

    Looks a bit tacky but he has been at 3 of my friends wedding now and the results are fantastic, he really captures all the funny bits of the day that you miss otherwise.

    I'm based in Kent but he may travel. xx

  • Thanks a bunch!!
  • Just checked and OMG his prices are amazing! YAY!!!
  • JAX1145JAX1145 Posts: 1,742
    Im having the same videographer and he seems to know what he is doing,...and his prices are competitive..

    he was recommended to us by Cooling Castle Barn which is where we are getting married he did their promo video,,,

  • We used the most brilliant company and Tom our videographer was fantastic! Its a big company that have videographers all over the country and they really are so professional and just blend in with everyone, have a look at their site and i have to say it was one of the best things we planned for the wedding! We got married in September and we've watched it about 50 times!!

  • Thanks Mrs flowerfairy. I'll take a look now.
  • EugeniaukEugeniauk Posts: 535
    Smowberry, It might be worth checking out the designer wedding show (battersea, theres one on in Feb) I'm sure they'd have a few and you'll be able to see there work etc. Also they might give you a discount if you book on the day!
  • those prices really are v good! well done ladies! x

  • starra29starra29 Posts: 326
    hello, I've booked Satin Weddings - - they're pretty reasonable and I really liked the showreel I saw.

    Got a couple of rants about this too! My mum emailed Moving Images in April 2008, they've only finally replied today!! And they're very expensive compared to the one I've gone for.

    And had an email from a friend today saying a friend of hers (who I've never met) would love to use my wedding as a trial run before she launches a wedding video company! I'm sure she would!
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