how much for wedding cars?


Im getting married 7th august 2009 and we were thinking of not bothering with wedding cars. then we thought of H& C but its too expensive.

How much is everyone else paying for their wedding cars?

I live about a 5 min walk from my church and h2b mums house is only a 10 minute drive away so I dont want to be out a fortune.

Also - the photographer said he wants me and H2B to have pics for 2 hours so what way does cars work - do we ask them to wait about for 2 hours?



  • where is it that you live?

    Nikki x
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    Hi chic, thought I would give you a breakdown of what we have so you have at least a ball park figure to work with...I am getting ready at my parents which is about a 10-15 minute drive away from the venue so weve got a vintage car to take my mum and two bridesmaids at 11am then drive back to collect me and my dad. The car comes with co ordinating flowers on the back ledge and ribbons of our choice with a bottle of champagne.The car will drop us off ready for the ceremony which finishes at 12-30pm and will stya for an hour afterwards for us to have photos with the car and my husband....its a 4 seater cream and chocolate Beauford open top tourer and costing £375. Gives you something to base prices on hun, where abouts do you live, maybe we can help find a company for you? dont suppose you know any family/friends with a nice car seen as the distance is short for you?
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    I booked a Rolls Royce Silver cloud to take my Da and I to the venue, this cost approx £350. I also booked a car for the bridesmaids from an Executive car company. It cost £80 for a mercedes, but at the last minute it needed to be serviced, so my booking was upgraded to a Bently at no extra charge x
  • Hi

    I have not booked it yet, but the one's we are looking at are around £295 for the day! xx
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    £0.00 woohoo! My dad has a silver jaguar which we're gonna use!I cant believe the price of wedding cars,its mental,after i told my dad how much they charge,he says hmm.....might start hiring out the jag,lol
  • Hiya, we're paying £440 for an ivory open topped Beauford (for me and Dad!) and a cream Daimler (for mum and the bms!) for the day. The Beauford is also going to take us out after the ceremony for photos at the beach. It is quite expensive but they're so gorgeous, and I'm ridiculously excited! Can't wait!!We're using SMJ cars in Swansea - they're fab!
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    Hi! We're using SMJ Cars in Swansea too! And im having the Beauford. GORGEOUS cars aren't they image I never thought i would like any of the old fashioned wedding cars as ive always wanted a horse & carriage but it was too far from my house to venue, but fell in love with the Beauford as soon as i saw it image Luckily my in-laws have a soft top mercedes CLK that my h2b loves so his dad is gonna chauffeur him and best man to the venue so that bit is free! image xxx
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    Hi ya ladies...

    Im having something totally different, im going to have a PINK limo lol, i emailed a company and they quoted me £250 which is good compaired to what the cars are being hired at i think lol...also its a 8 seated so everyone thats getting ready at my mums in the morning can jump in the limo and go together in the morning lol..fingers crossed ill be booking it soon!

    loadza luv x x x
  • We are using

    The site looks a bit cheesy, but they have been recommend to us by tons of couples we know. £195 for a xj limo! going to see car next week...cant wait.
  • we are using wedding taxis, whic are £150 per taxi for the day. they look v nice all sparkly with ribbons/flowers and champers etc.

  • Hi mrsdigger2b - where are wedding taxis based?
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