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Smooch - would you recommend?


We're getting married in Sept 09 and want to start thinking about wedding rings soon. We have an appointment with Smooch in April, but after looking at a few posts I'm confused as to whether people loved them or loathed them.

H2B doesnt know what he wants, but I can guess it wont be a plain band as for me I'm hoping for a diamond set ring that doesnt look like an eternity ring (that can come again )

So ladies, have you used Smooch and if so would you recommend them?



  • jayand1jayand1 Posts: 133
    I have 2 reviews on my website and they have not come highly rated!!!

    So perhaps its personal choose, have your meeting and see how you get on at least you know what you wnat x
  • Thanks for your webiste link, I'll def post up my reviews. x
  • beckyyyxxxbeckyyyxxx Posts: 1,102
    I also have an appointment with smooch in about 2 weeks time!! I will be keeping an eye on this thread!! xxx
  • I'm going to comment based on my experience alone but am aware that there have been mixed reviews and that some people have had some excellent experiences with smooch. We had an appointment with smooch and were pretty excited to meet with them. The communication between us and the sales lady was excellent and she always got back to us quickly. She arrived promptly with loads of beautiful rings and was really helpful and informative. We discussed money and for what we wanted - H2B a titanium 5mm band and me an 18 ct yellow gold ring with diamonds - we were quoted around a thousand pounds, we didn't want to say yes straight away so told her that we wanted to discuss this price together and would contact her later to let her know our decision. This is when her attitude changed, she went from being lovely and helpful to extremely pushy, moody, and as if she couldn't be bothered - we hadn't even said no only that we wanted to discuss the price. Anyway off she went in a strop and we discussed the visit and felt that although we would have paid the price we weren't happy about her attitude so decided not to bother. We text her to let her know our decision (smooch deal alot by text message) and she didn't even reply to our message. We then went to H Samuels, H2B got a titanium ring which he liked even more than the smooch one and I got my 18ct yellow gold diamond ring all for under £400 so we saved a bomb and didn't have to put up with an attitude.

  • I have found smooch pushy at a wedding show they wouldn't let me go even after me telling them that as our friend is a diamond dealer we would be getting our rings from him as they are much cheaper... he continued to argue and grabbed my engagement ring and starting looking at it! I was really offended! i'm not sure why cause I don't normally get bothered by stuff. he was asking about our friend and money etc. When I told him my engagement ring is worth £8,000 and h2b got it for £5,000 because of our friend he couldn't really argue anymore and let me go... I wouldn't deal with them they are really pleasent and then change like psyco pushy freaks! they must all be trained by the same person as their sales staff seem to be all the same! X
  • Hi Mrs Scott2b.

    I was one of the brides who was negative about Smooch on Helen's review site , and as a now smug married I still stand by my review.

    However - some good and bad posts here in this other thread....

    Charley xxx

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  • Hi again - while looking for that thread above I also came across this one.... with very recent alarming stuff from Mrs B (Page 3) of here....

    Before you see Smooch read through and any concerns highlight them and by all means print these threads and show the reps - let them know the good , the bad and the ugly reviews they are getting.... and just hope they can provide a good service and give you reassurance.

    Charley xxx

  • opps double post

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  • Thank you for the info - and Charleygirl thanks for all the previous posts I hadnt found those! Mrs B 's experinece is very worrying, while a friend of mine used them and was very happy with them (she did say their rings were plain platinum bands tho).

    Think I'll get H2B out rings shopping before the appointment just as a comparison now... maybe I'm being over cautious but wedding rings are one of the few things you keep from the day for life - and you see it every day so it has to be perfect.

    Becky do let us know how your appointment goes?

    Thanks once again

  • FAYE1983FAYE1983 Posts: 853
    Me and my H2B have an appt with them in on 14th feb.....he was lovely at the wedding show where we met him! I hope this all goes ok...i will let you know after the 14th!!!

  • biliboibiliboi Posts: 1,377
    I've heard bad things - they are always lovely until they've got your money!
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