anyone used caroline white - photographer? really worried

we rushed into booking our photographer in hindsight, when we 1st booked our wedding 11 months ago, and now im regretting it and think im gonna have to loose my 500 deposit. not only have i never seen her name anywhere since, in advertisements, real life weddings or anywhere for that matter, she is also grossly overpriced for her services it seems! 2150 for coverage and 1895 for album = over 4k!

anyone using her or know of her? this is really concerning me now


  • There is a website, and there are weddings on there with gorgeous pics. It does seem like a lot of money.

    Good luck x
  • i've had a look at her website, and she looks great. i'm a photographer myself, and i'd be happy with her skills. the cost of the album seems high, but do you know which supplier she uses? i imagine it will be either queensberry or graphistudio, but even then it does seem like quite a mark-up, unless you're having coffee table style books made instead? i'd ask for the specifics on what you'll be getting, and how many images are included in the album.

    the coverage part of her fees are admitedly higher than average, but you're paying for her consistent reliability in producing great shots throughout the day, in addition to her time.

    it's a tough call, but losing your £500 would be tough. i guess it depends if you're happy to lose the £500, and then have £3500 left to spend on another photographer.

    if you've got more specific questions along the way then just message me. good luck!

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