Still don't know how much the wedding is going to cost!!

AARGH! I am having such a nightmare! Our venue is the Orangery in Margam Park. When you book, they take a deposit. Then in January of each year, they release the prices that come into effect in April. Well, I'm getting married in May, and they don't have the prices and probably won't until the end of February!! it is proving to be a huge headache as the budget is obviously vital, and will impact on how many people we can ask. They said there has been a problem at the printers, so they can't release the new prices until they get them back. But this will be literally 8 weeks before my wedding and I just really want to work out in what region the whole thing is going to cost!! Is anyone else getting married there, or having the same problem with their venue??:\?


  • Can you not ask for last years prices and then roughly how much they go up each year to get an idea. This really isn't acceptable and Id be angry too.

    Hope it works out ok x
  • I don't understand their delay, if the information is at the printers then they must have it to hand in their office. All you want is an indication of the price rises from last year, I don't see why they can't give it to you by phone or in a letter.

    8 weeks notice is ridiculous, I think it's time to kick up a bit of a fuss!
  • This is really bad. When did you book? Cos if it was in 2008, then you should be paying the prices from before. Either way this is totally unfair. Can you ask for the price as it is at the moment, then ask what its been previous years and try to work it out from there. Like if it goes up by £100. Our venue put up their prices by £500, but luckily we're paying the 2008 prices and getting married in 2010. If they're messing you around, i agree with mumsal, make a big fuss and see if you can get any freebies for the inconvience!
  • you should be paying the prices for the year you book regardless of when the wedding happens... They can't go up too much though considering the crunch! X
  • Thats not on, if you have made a deposit they need to fix a price for you or at least give you an estimate - thats pretty bad service!
  • Thats disgusting, they must be able to give you some idea of what it is going to cost! I am very lucky as my venue has given me the prices that he quoted me in 2008 and he has signed to say that this is the price that we will pay in 2010! Hope you get it sorted! xx
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    We booked last year at Cooling Castle Barn for this April and once the deposit was paid we pay 08 prices.... plus the reduction in VAT has come in handy,...

    That really is bad service... keep on at them!..

    you need to know how much your spending!!!!!

  • We actually booked it in 2007 if you can believe it?!! I sent them an email yesterday saying that I urgently need to know, but no response yet. It's just crazy!! They said when we booked that the prices change every year, we thought finding out in January before we get married in May was bad enough but to wait until end of Feb- practically march!!- is just mad. GRR! Hope they email me back soon! Thanks for all the comments image hope your wedding plannings are all going well and unstressful!
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