First Dance Lesson tonight!!!

Hello we are having our first dance lesson tonight!!!!


anyone else having/had dance lessons???

Not sure what to expect at all !! Am asctually really nervous!!



  • VassVass Posts: 535
    We've started dance lessons. We finished level one Ballroom and Latin last week so tonight we start level two!! It's so much fun! I think you will really enjoy it.

    In 12 weeks we've learnt the bascis of the Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Social Foxtrot, Waltz and Tango. Hoping we'll be good enough to pull of a natural relaxed looking waltz by the time of the wedding.

    Are you having private or group lessons?

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  • sbondxsbondx Posts: 350
    Its 5 private lessons!! We only have 5 weeks to go... !!!! Do you think that is long enough?? I guess we will have to practice all the time!!

  • KarolinaWKarolinaW Posts: 1,313
    I've had 4 so far but in a huge group of people!!! Sooo much fun!! We've also done Cha Cha, Quick Step and Jive so far, Foxtrot is coming, and waltz and tango in 4 weeks!!

    You'll enjoy it - definetely and if it is only you with instructor - 5 weeks will be enough - but make sure you'll do a bit of training in meantime. You'll forget the steps in a week!

    Good Luck and let us know!!

    xx K
  • SarinaukSarinauk Posts: 175
    did it take a lot of persuading for your h2bs to join in? i'd like to go to a few dance lessons but my h2b doesn't want to.
  • sbondxsbondx Posts: 350
    It was originally my idea months and months ago, we talked about it and then i said i would not have the bottle to do anything fancy....

    Then while we were away, h2b said when are we booking our lessons, i really want them as i dont want to just shuffle around... we are going to get the teacher to give h2b a few extra lessons as well, as he is not the most co-ordinated!!!!

    I just want something simple and elegant, nothing fancy or funny!! i would be too embarrassed!!

  • VassVass Posts: 535
    5 weeks private will be plenty. You can just learn the dance you want to do so won't take long at all.

    Do you have a song/dance in mind??
  • MrsM_09MrsM_09 Posts: 761
    How fun!! What song are you learning the dance to?

    Some friends of ours did it, looked fab!
  • sbondxsbondx Posts: 350
    We are going to dance to Heaven the slow DJ sammy versian... or Always and forever by heatwave, heaven is our favorite, but it is a little slow so will see what the choreographer thinks later on!!

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