How do I ask for money towards the honeymoon...

...without using a poem. I find them a little naff (no offence to anyone who has used one, just my opinion).

I have written a little sentence at the end of the info sheet i'm sending out but it sounds a bit! x


  • lrbpielrbpie Posts: 2,280
    I agree with you re the poems.

    I have been advised by my mother and grandmother that they think people would prefer it if they could get us a specific "bit" of the honeymoon rather than just an unallocated amount of money. For example a special day trip somewhere, or some scuba dives, or a special dinner etc etc.

    So, how about...

    "Your company on our wedding day is all that we wish for and we do not ask for any gifts. However, if you would like to get us a gift, and need some ideas, please see our page on for a little inspiration"

    You could then list out various bits of honeymoon on blisslist for people to buy. That's roughly what I'm planning to do. Plus you could add some other items if you wanted.

    Alternatively if you don't want to use blisslist you could say:

    "Your company on our wedding day is all that we wish for and we do not ask for any gifts. However, if you would like to get us a gift, and are not sure what to get us, we would be extremely grateful for a contribution to help us have an amazing honeymoon in XXX. There will be a postbox at the reception if you would like to make a contribution."
  • UlrikaukUlrikauk Posts: 329
    Hi lola, we did not use a poem as it felt a bit uncomfortable with it too. We had an A4 information sheet in each invite and at the very end mentioned that all we ask is that people come to wedding and have a wonderful time, but that some people had enquired about gifts already and that therefore if you wish to send us a gift any contributions to our honeymoon would be gratefully received, more info can be found at www.xxxxxx

  • MangalitzaMangalitza Posts: 5,871
    i hate the poems too.

    we just put a note on the insert that we sent with the invite and said "if you had been thinking about buying us a present, then we would be grateful if you could make a donation to our honeymoon fund instead, as we already have more household items than we need."

    i can't think of anyone who would dream of turning up at a wedding without a present (i know i never ever would) so i don't think it's presumptous at all to assume that people would be buying one. i much prefer it when people make it clear what they want for birthdays and christmas so why should a wedding be any different? if people take offence then are generally the type who seeks to take offence and i very much doubt any of the people coming to my wedding are that daft.
  • AlexFinnAlexFinn Posts: 1,646
    Thanks for the tips ladies, you know when you just read something back and think, 'are people going to take that the wrong way...'

    Irbpie, i will take a look at Blisslist, do you know if you have to pay them a certain amount to have a list with them? I looked at and you have to pay £75, i think. xx
  • EandBabyEandBaby Posts: 354
    We were in the same position as you and have now decided to have 2 lists, the honeymoon one and a John Lewis one for our more traditional guests! We have worded it as follows:

    "The most important thing is that we see you at our wedding, but if you would also like to buy us a gift, we have two gift lists running, the first comprising of some extra adventures for our honeymoon and the other a more traditional list with John Lewis.


    We have planned and booked a rather epic Honeymoon, taking in X, X and X. On this trip we have the opportunity to undertake various -extras' which we feel would make very memorable wedding presents. We hope to undertake the following activities during our 5 week adventure:


    If you would like to make a contribution to any of the above activities please contact X who is coordinating this list on PHONE NUMBER or by

    e-mailing XXX.


    If you would prefer, we have a small Wedding Gift List held with John Lewis. Gifts can be purchased from 6 weeks before the wedding, either via the internet (, by phone or in person at your local store. ...."
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