Shoe Lovers - Help Please


I have found a pair of Gina shoes I think I love but haven't worn them before. Does anyone know how comfortable they are, what the sizing's like, width etc? I'd be really interested to know.

Unfortunately no one stocks Gina near me and so I would have to order them online.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • debracobbdebracobb Posts: 287
    Beautiful lovestuff!!!

    I am normally a 5-6 however I nipped into Selfridges at Xmas and there were some gorgeous gina's in sale for £185, so disappointed though as they were a 4.5 and a tad too small. Check what the refund/exchange policy is like. If all else fails I'm sure you'd sell them on ebay - there are always Ginas on there for sale. x
  • rhinewoodrhinewood Posts: 126

    I went to the Gina shop to buy those very shoes. When I tried them on, I couldnt walk in them because there was no support around my ankles. I bought campari instead and they are very comfortable. Had to buy a half size bigger though... love them!
  • TSRukTSRuk Posts: 224
    I had to buy half a size too small for mine so I think it really depends.

    Saying that though their customer is fantastic as I ordered 3 pairs from their website in a 2.5, 3 and 3.5 to be absolutely sure of getting the right size ( I won't bore you with the shoe crisis which led to me ordering 3 different sizes!) I explained over the phone that these were for my wedding and they just said return the two you don't want. All really easy and very swift in returning the money to my card, so order two different sizes if you're not sure.
  • nic2410nic2410 Posts: 459
    I have bought Gina shoes for my wedding, quite similar to the ones you are looking at but mine are silver and are just slip on mules without the slingback. I have only tried them on and have not worn them for any length of time although I do need to start wearing them round the house I think! I have found them comfortable but as I said that is only having them on for a few minutes. When I bought mine the shop assistant did say they were quite narrow fittings so don't know whether you have wide feet? Am sure you can return them no problem so I would order from the website and try them out. Can you not get to a store - a day trip to London or anything? I had trouble finding somewhere that stocked the exact style I wanted as most places only stock a small range - Selfridges in Manchester had a good range, if you were going to go somewhere then definitely call first to make sure they have the right style and size in stock x
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