could anyone help me do a buget spreadsheet as i am deserate to keep controll of my spending ! i realy wanta cut back as iu feel i was getting to carried away and not focusing on what was important

please any organisational people out there help me !


  • Hi Mrs B in Waiting.

    I have a budget spreadsheet on my pc at home, I have listed everything I can think of on there and given myself a budget of what I can spend. And then when i have purchased it if I have saved any money it goes in the savings column. It's dead easy but is very good at keeping ties on what you're spending!! If you'd like to have a copy pm me you're email address and i'll send you mine and you can adjust the figures accordingly
  • n8tybn8tyb Posts: 84
    Hi KittyKel06,

    Any chance I could jump on the bandwagon and ask you to send me your spreadsheet too? I am slowly getting out of control with the spending and thinking it might be time to sit down and organise it!!!



    Nat xxxx
  • Bridezilla_nat

    Not a problem could you pm me you're email address and I will send it to you.
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