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Hi everyone

I think i've really underbudgeted for a photographer. Its not too much of a problem because we've got room to move around on the budget, but looking at good photographers in our area, its looking at about £1500+.

I know we can get photographers for less than £500 (as per another post on this forum) but I looked at the portfolios & didnt like the style of photography & the packages on offer werent very good.

We want to go with Sacha Miller, he did my sisters wedding & her pictures are on his website. They are beautiful photos, but his packages start at £1595. I know what we're like, we'd want all the extras too, so it would just get out of control!

Any South Wales brides out there who had a good photographer? How much did you pay & what was the package?


  • We are having Marc Lloyd Evans and we're having the package costing £1650. With this package I get the small photos taken and then I get about 75 photos in an album that I can design and I can choose which photos are colour, black and white and sepia. Also get a disc of all the photos from the album. Packages start from £1000 up to over £2000. I also looked at many photographers and struggled to like many. I was either going to go for Sacha Miller or Marc Lloyd Evans but the moment I met with Marc I loved so many photographs and he was so lovely. He's also allowing me to have a cream album made up for no extra cost since they only come in green, black and burgendy. Also my wedding venue is in Brecon and he's based in Swansea and he's not charging me transport costs.

    At the end of the day I'd rather pay the extra money and LOVE my photographs than settle for a cheaper person and regret the photos.

    Charlotte xx

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  • Thats what I was thinking, I know we wouldnt be happy if we just opted for the cheaper option.
  • Hi Smurf, we're going with Sally Langstaff. Paying around £800, and she will be there for the ceremony, speeches, first dance- a long time! She is also really lovely, and her pictures are gorgeous. Might be worth a try x
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    ive got paul donovan, hes costing us 1795 and throwing in the slideshow of finished photos on disc along with the 100 photo album, but i know he does some cheaper packages....

    oh hes based in cardiff but does travel to other parts of wales for example hes coming to gywnedd for me
  • Sorry I forgot to add that with Sally you pick your favourite pics for your album but you get a disk with all images!! She did an engagement shoot for us, for free, and we had about 300 beautiful photos
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    We are set to be going with - he's a work colleague of mine but i have no intention of going with him for any reason other than the photo's and packages are fantastic (although a little pricey) We are going for the top package which is about £2800 but i'm hoping to get a significant drop in this price of about 20% - H2B nearly had a heart attack when i told him but photo's is one thing i am NOT willing to compromise on!

    Of course it can get silly but if you think about what you want and come up with a list of your priorities maybe you could specifically email companies and ask them if they can quote you for what you want?


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