OMG! image Sorry gals, just had to share, I got tickets to see her live in Newcastle in May!!!!

I'm treating my Mum!!! Yes, she's a HUGE fan. She also loves Madonna (seen her lots live). image

Mum is in India at the moment. I texted her earlier to tell her about Beyonce and she sound ecstatic!! image

Eeeh, I think I am more excited!! Gonna be shaking my booty in May for sure! hehehe 8\)


  • vickyuk2vickyuk2 Posts: 566
    Lucky you. Just looking at her in Hello singing at the inaugaration. Enjoy! x
  • KarolinaWKarolinaW Posts: 1,313
    hehe LMD you are excited!!!

    not big fan of beyonce, but i love 'listen'

    have a great time there, and shake your bom bom for england!!! xx
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