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Totally not wedding related and, as I'm now 3 weeks wed, I should probably disappear quietly. But, I have some jeans related questions.

My husband took me to buy some Citizens jeans last week. I'd tried them before and decided they were quite nice but not wow. Thing is, whenever I've tried label jeans, I've been unimpressed and ended up back in TopShop. I've tried probably every pair that Seven make. I have a pair of plain Rock and Republic that are a nice fit but generally I think they're far too fussy. Paige looked awful. Thing is, I usually find they're UNflattering and the cheap Top Shop are better.

Anyway, went to buy these jeans but popped in Gap as I often buy their Red tshirts. Ended up trying a pair of slim jeans in there and bought them instead. They're sooo much more flattering and really nice. How lucky is my husband? £40 instead of £175! What a wonderful wife I am.

My questions are - anyone else prefer cheaper jeans? Anyone else like Gap jeans? Anyone else find more expensive less flattering? What do you wear? Perhaps it's me and my shape? I'm 26" and very narrow hipped but with a bit of a juicy ass! Or is that squidgy?


  • This is so not BBB, but i love Tesco jeans lol. Must have 15 pairs, they wash well and are so comfy. Used to live in Gap jeans as a teenager but since having kids my shape has changed. I have just accepted the fact that expensive jeans dont fit me that well. Oh im 5ft 1. and am roughly about a 10.
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    Diesel all the way for me!

    They are the only brand that I can actually just buy online and they fit perfectly every time.

    That said, I have a lovely pair of Lee skinny jeans that aren't quite so skinny as usual at the bottoms so are much more flattering...

  • vickyuk2vickyuk2 Posts: 566
    Now, I like a skinny flare! Haha! I do have a really nice pair of Diesel that I had years ago and are a size too big now but you've reminded me how nice they were. What style do you buy, SnowQueen? And, CherryBeena - that's my point exactly. Why spend more just to have a label if, in actual fact, a cheaper pair LOOK better? Snobby husband really wanted me to get the Citizens but I said I'd rather spend £40 and look good rather than spend £175 just to flash the label. I'd rather he put the money towards the new Mulberry clutch I'm lusting after for Valentines!
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    I'm not a big fan of expensive jeans either.

    I prefer Topshop jeans too or good ol' Dorothy Perkins or Next because they have petite ranges for my short ass!!

    Depending on the style I like New Look ones too although sometimes the short range there can be peculiarly long...

    I have a pair of skinny leg ones from Acne that I bought on net-a-porter and they're probably about the best of the designer brands I 've tried


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  • Pippa155Pippa155 Posts: 1,144
    I got a pair of these a few months ago, and they could have actually been made for me! They are a bit more casual that I usually wear but are sooooo comfortable. (not at all bitter that they're now in the sale - grrrr)

    The Lee ones I was talking about are quite similar to these

    They're this kind of indeterminate indigo colour that looks great with black (which I usually find is always a problem for dark jeans...)


    PS if you're feeling flush, my friend (who from the sound of it is quite a similar shape to you) swears by Sass & Bide...

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  • vickyuk2vickyuk2 Posts: 566
    Ahhh. Now I haven't tried Sass and Bide.... The Lee look a nice shape, mind. Just loving my Gap ones at the mo. And they go with everything. Uggs, trainers, ankle boots,rolled up with heels. This is another prerequisite - my jeans have to do casual Uggs AND sexy heels. Thanks girls x
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    i'm afraid i'm a seven fan. they just seem to be cut for me. the first time i tried a pair on was relevation as they looked and felt 100% better than any jeans i'd tried before. i can't say the same for any other premium brands though.

    i'm curvy, but have a very small waist and high street brands never, ever seem to fit unless i am looking for a boyfriend cut. then oasis are brilliant. they also have some good skinnies called "cherry", which might work for the less curvy of thigh/hip!

    i've never been able to find a gap jean that doesn't make me look frumpy or misshapen.

    so i'm stuck with seven!
  • Oh yeah me me me!!! I've tried every pair of jeans in the world from Primark to versace jeans and the only ones that suit my shape are Zara longs! My problem is that my waist is small and hips are big and legs are too long for my height lol. So basically I need a long pair of jeans with some stretch in them so they fit over my hips but small enough to fit my waist. For some reason all the designer ones make me look fatter than ever! I hate em! All my jeans are from Zara, except for a few skinny jeans from top shop but I don't particularly like them....
  • Skinny jeans? Oh no, not with my thighs!! I have to stick to the good old slim bootcut in dark washes. I too suffer form a small(ish) waist but also have a long torso so my hips sit lower than the 'average' person.....finding a great fitting pair of jeans can be a bit of a nightmare. All my jeans are from the high street - the vast majority from Topshop and the odd pair from Oasis and GAP. I haven't even considered looking at any designer brands, I tend to stick to what I know!
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    I find Ted Baker jeans fit really well and flatter my curves! The colour doesn't fade and I've had one pair for 2 years! I love diesel jeans on other people but they just don't fit me.
  • vickyuk2vickyuk2 Posts: 566
    So basically, one man's meat is another man's poison. Sod the brand name - if it fits, it fits!!
  • Exackery!! image
  • peeptoeukpeeptoeuk Posts: 264
    I love James jeans. I bought a pair a few years ago in Selfridges and they have been the BEST thing ever. They are slightly higher rise so don't create an unsightly muffin top (I suffer from the small waist bigger butt dilemma too) and have very flatteringly angled pockets on the bum. Also, the colour lasts very well.

    Thumbs up from me!
  • Guess the answer is as you said Vicky, if it fits it fits! I can't find high street jeans that fit, but think they look great on friends. Wish I found some I liked as I hate shelling out for jeans, but I hate trying them on too, so I usually just stick with what works. My personal favourite is Acne, after I got two pairs from there I hardly ever wear my other ones, so guess I need to get more... Also like the Amber high rise from Citizens, and my old slim favourites were Lee Normas, but I prefer Acne over them as the Acnes have a higher waist.
  • I love j brand jeans and also a fan of seven. I am also quite curvy and I find on me they are the most flattering

  • vickyuk2vickyuk2 Posts: 566
    I hate trying them on too, Mezzaluna. Nothing worse than trying on a really unflattering pair! Ruins your day! Opposite to you, I need low waisted. Another recommendation for Lee, I see.
  • Chubbs1ukChubbs1uk Posts: 2,013
    I am a Gap and topshop jeans girl all the way - I don't bother looking anywhere else...Once you have found a good pair of Jeans there is no looking back!! image
  • vickyuk2vickyuk2 Posts: 566
    Full circle back to my original post about Topshop and Gap, Chubbs! Me too.
  • Vicky, im with you all the way, cheaper jeans and put the rest towards a new Mulberry!

    I took your topic to work today, it was a mixed bag, the younger girls swear by designer jeans us oldies prefered the high st! By old i mean over 25! lol Oh and there was a lad who swears by Topshop skinny jeans, says they are the best by far! xx
  • MelisaMelisa Posts: 2

    Be what you are and wear what you. If you like to wear gap jeans then go and buy for yourself.

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