cheap teal green bridesmaids dresses in a hurry!!!!


does any 1 know of wher i can get teal green dresses from, i have looked evrey where, i dont want the tradional bridesmaid dress, id love them to wear something they can wear again,.

Ive tryed monsoon, bhs, all the ones that come to mind.

Oh and they have to be under £100. image


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    littlwoods for all of them!! the last one is £66!
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    another one

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    Littlewoods??? Wowee, they're all really stylish!

    Great find tweetypie23!

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    I know they have loads, the last one the long one? its £44.50 by amanda wakely for littlwoods!!!

    If I had known before i got my girls dresses i would have gotten them from there xx
  • Thanks i will take a look, xxx

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