Cheap Videographer???

Hi there does anyone know of any w/sites with CHEAP videographers eg new ppl in the business willing to do it for next to nothing?? ive not budgeted for this so cant spend alot but i really would like some sort of dvd of our day, i asked my mums bf to do it but even tho he said he would he's never done anything like this b4 and im worried that not only will it spoil his day but it might not be very good!

I got my photographer for £50 for the whole day as he's only started up his business and needs to get his name around(his photos are brilliant!), i was hoping to find something similar for filming our wedding?!

thanx, Misty x


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    Sorry hun the cheapest i found was £500 and lucky my mum came up with funding that....

    ive found that they are about £600-800 which is extortionate i think!!

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    we have booked with angels film they are £350 from 11am -11pm but this is for an unedited film so we will have to do this .

  • Hi there,

    My name is Charlotte. I started a Wedding Video company named Starbright Media in 2011 after I realised that I had so much passion for making wedding videos.

    As an introduction offer during 2012 I will be charging from only £300 to film your special day. Please see my website Wedding package page for full details of everything included.

    This price and package is probably the cheapest of any similar services you will find anywhere on the web for comparable features and quality. Most services charge from £1000 for similar features.

    Why so cheap?

    I married my husband in August of 2010 and had a lovely white wedding, but we paid over the odds for our videographer.

    Since discovering my passion for videography, I now want to be able to give every bride the option to have their own special memory of their big day at a very affordable price.

    I absolutely love my hobby and spend hours editing videos together. I like to put alot of emotion into them and make them feel personal. I capture a different feel in every video, which centres arounds the couples individual styles and taste.

    If you are looking for a wedding videographer who is friendly, passionate about creating the best memory they possibly can for you and who is accommodating and professional, then Starbright Media will suit you perfectly!

    Based in Upshire, Essex. Will travel within approx 50 miles.

    Please contact me for availability.



    Email: [email protected]

    Kind Regards

    Charlotte Fitzgerald
  • I'm looking for a videographer too. Any ideas?
  • When and where is the wedding? I am looking to film a wedding at a reduced price for some showreel footage in the next 2 months or so.

    drop me an e-mail if you want to discuss prices/see some links to some of my work -

    fivefingersflying at
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    If you book a cheap videographer then don't expect anything special! In fact, If you are looking at somebody around a few hundred pounds then you might as well get Uncle Fred to do it as it will turn out the same!! I have known couples spend £800 on a cake that will last just a few hours! However, a quality DVD will last a lifetime giving you memories of that big day from start to finish !!
  • The cheapest I've found is :
  • Hi, Can I ask where you got your photographer from, as we need to book a photographer too.
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    I know this site called they give you a camera and then they edit your footage for you. You can have the camera to record your honeymoon aswell. Great idea. Think its between £60 and £70. Hope this helps

  • hi 


    they are so good and cheap.


  • You could try these guys, just came across them on twitter. Seems really fun and cheap. They send you 4 cameras which you give to your friends or relatives and when you send them back they edit your video and give you the original footage as well. Seems like a bargain, wish I had found them when we were getting married.

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    I found mine on Gumtree, someone who is trying to get in to the wedding industry so cheap. Seen a lot of his work on you tube, so I know he is decent.

  • Im a cheap, just out of university videographer based in manchester

    E-mail - [email protected]

  • Hi

    I can be cheap from the end of November 2013 onwards. I'm charging £290 - here is a link to a wedding video trailer I recently made:

    Email me at timothyewins(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

    I'm getting married in August 2014 and appreciate the need for cheap stuff at the moment!

    I hope everyone has a great wedding!

  • Any cheap videographers available for May 2015? I haven't budgeted for this either but after talking to my married friends I think I might be missing out if we don't have a video of the day. 

  • Hi, I have had some expericnce in filming making, creating a advert for Xbox and also shooting a advert for a sport company

    I want to expand and get into Wedding videography. I am young filmaker wanting to get into this!

    i am based in hertfordshire, and i hoping to start asap !

    My email is [email protected]

    I am a young filmaker hoping to start filming cinematic weddings!

    Thank you !

    Mainly free on weekends!

  • Looking for a cheap videographer for May 2015, we live in Kent! We don't need anything amazing but want it to be special...which is understandable. Help?! 



  • Am looking for someone to film my wedding in November 2014 in South Gloucestershire and don't want to spend a fortune. Any ideas?

  • I forgot to say my wedding is at 5pm by candlelight and the party starts at 7 so I only need someone to film for a relatively short period which is why I don't want to pay a fortune!

  • I am a videographer with some experience of shooting weddings. I've actually been away from the business for a few years following a different career path but I am now looking to get back into it. This means I have to rebuild my wedding demo reel and so if anyone has only a minimal budget for a wedding video and don't mind being part of my showreel to attract future work, drop me an email at

    [email protected]

    and we can discuss the options.

    I can't do it for free, but I can do it for a much reduced cost.

    I can attend weddings in or near to Oxfordshire.





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    Hi, i'm looking for a cheap videographer for a couple of hours for our small wedding in June 2015 in North Yorkshire - anyone recommend anyone please? Thanks! 

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    Hi I'm based in Kent and would like a videographer on a budget we haven't saved for this and would love one we have roughly £150-£250 to spend if anyone can help that would be great. Wedding starts at 4.30/5pm and would like it filmed till around 7.30 after first dance etc. 

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    Hi im looking for a cheap videographer. We're based in gravesend kent we haven't budgeted for this but would love this as a little extra. We can spend anything between £150-£250. The ceremony isn't until 4.30/5pm and we'd like it filmed from the ceremony until the first dance at around 7.30ish. Please get in touch if you can help. 

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    Hi guys, try this website -  if you call them up/ email them and say that you've heard of this from someone called 'Courtenay' they'll give you a discount!!! Definitely worth a try. 

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    any recommendations for a cheap videographer in the Nottingham area?

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    Hi there, 

    I highly recommend Peter Lane Photography, he did a brilliant job at my best friend's wedding. As I know he started doing and video/cinematography, so he builds his cinematic  portfolio.. 

    you can take a look:  & 

    I think that you'll be happy with him, he is professional image

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    Hi all,

    Looking for a videographer for a wedding next May (2016). It's going to be a pretty long day - as we are going to be having both a Sikh and Christian ceremony; and we'd require coverage between 10AM and 9PM (I think). The weddings in Yorkshire close. 

    We are on a relatively tight budget - but happy to take any recommendations you may have! 


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    Hi there, 

    I'm agree with Maria... Peter Lane is one of the best! image


    Good luck everybody! :x

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    Hi guys, 

    Myself and my partner have recently made the jump into the world of wedding videography from the TV industry! 

    As we are a new business we are offering really good deals - prices depending on your requirements for the day. Ranging from £200 - £600 But it will be a LOT cheaper than you'll find elsewhere and we really know our stuff! 

    We are willing to travel anywhere in the UK. 

    Take a look at our website:

    Or drop us an email and we'll get back to you: [email protected] 

    We look forward to hearing from you image

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    Yes, for last minute wedding videographer deals in South Wales (3-weeks notice) we found this one for £495:

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