Le spose di gio- has anyone been to the shop?

Hey everyone

I'm trying to book some dress appointments for myself in London and am considering Le Spose di Gio as the ads and the website look great. However I can't find much more info on the place, has anyone been there and would you reccoment going?

Thanks x


    I have been to Le Spose di Gio to try on dresses. When I first got engaged I kept seeing their adverts and was really excited to go there. BIG disappointment. The quality of the dresses was not what I had hoped for. However, even worse the lady who assisted me simply didn't listen at all to the kind of look I was after and brought out several dresses featuring things I said I really didn't want, e.g., long sleeves when I'm getting married in Italy in August!

    Based on my experience I wouldn't recommend going but I've since found out a friend of mine got her dress from there and she looked amazing so if you've seen a dress you like, I think its worth going to set your mind at rest.

    Good luck!


  • kateherdkateherd Posts: 125
    I've been there - I thought they were lovely, although I did know what I wanted when I went in and only tried on the one dress (I have to admit I expected them to be all posh and rude). They were surprised I only wanted to try one but I didn't want to fall I love with one I couldn't afford

    Their dresses are gorgeous, although don't go in unless you can afford it. I saw the dress I wanted secondhand, but went into the shop to see one that was new before I bought it cheaper...I did nearly get sucked into the princess thing though and having a made to measure dress (which is so unlike me)

    You do have to make an appointment to go there (and I have to admit they were a bit moody on the phone) but I'm so glad I went.

    Have to admit though it was the only place I went to as I knew straight away the dress I wanted so I don't have anything to compare it to.

    My dress is the nicest dress I've ever seen (well I think so image) so I would recommend their stuff 100%. I really can't wait to wear it, and I'm not really a wedding dress kind of girl...
  • I've been and had a great experience. Just go for it! I hope you find 'the one'.
  • Thanks for all your advice! I decided to go ahead and book an appointment at the shop and I thought I would let everyone know how I got on incase anyone else is interested in paying Le spose di Gio a visit.

    I thought the shop was very well organised and very private and the staff were extremley helpful. Although I didn't find THE dress I thought they had a great selection of available. If you don't like what's on offer you can mix and match tops and bottoms of dresses to suit you but in most cases the original designs seem to work best. I also thought the average price of the dresses, although not cheap, was quite reasonable compared to other dress shops in the same price bracket, as these are all couture image
  • Can somebody let us know what is the range of prices of their dresses? Their dresses look gorgeous but I'm afraid I'll be deceived by their high prices.

  • Please, tell me what is the price for their dresses?

  • Hi Carole and Galina

    Have you found out the price range for Le Spose di Gio dresses. I have seen one that I love but I don't want to get too hang up on it if they are way out of my budget.


  • Chiara7Chiara7 Posts: 1

    Hi everyone 

    Does anyone know the range price for le spose di gio dress? I'm looking around but I cannot find any information  

    Thank you!!

  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    I went and almost bought one which would have been off the rack for I think it was around £1600. Brand new made to order takes you into the £2000 range and up. Gorgeous dresses but pricey! Ultimately a bit much for me - I got a similar floaty romantic feel through Rembo Styling at Angelica Bridal.

  • peonypeony Posts: 6

    EJS1982, did you go to the shop recently? When I was looking up their prices earlier this year, I found an article online from this year which had said prices started from £3500!


  • Anon6Anon6 Posts: 3

    I went last month. £4000 up for a brand new dress. They are exquisite though. I ended up buying mine there as it is made to measure. The price includes alterations and the dresses are made in Milan.

  • Anon6Anon6 Posts: 3

    Mine cost £4500, which seemed average for the shop. The dresses are made to measure from the best silk/organza.

    The quality is exceptional. 

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