cost of fresh buttonholes

I have been quoted £4.50 per fresh rose buttonhole and £7.50 for a double rose buttinhole. I thought that was it? what is everyone else paying?



  • That's actually on the cheaper side compared to quotes I've had (West Yorkshire).

    Average starting price £6 for simple buttonholes with cheaper flowers.
  • GG011GG011 Posts: 2,208
    My MIL2B is making ours just before with fresh roses from the supermarket....very cheap!!
  • yellow2011yellow2011 Posts: 620
    same here georgie, me and mum are making my button holes with no experience! we did a dry run at weekend. very cheap and easy enough and didnt wither for over 2 days!
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    Our buttonholes are costing us £3 - £3.50 which I thought was a really good price x
  • yellow2011yellow2011 Posts: 620

    or this one

    sorry for the mulitiple posts
  • Average price i've been quoted for rose button hole is £4.50 upwards
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    Our plain rose buttonholes are costing a £1. Ones with foliage, £3.50. The grooms is costing £6.50 but that's for a grand prix rose and other flowery bits.

    Then again, my florist has only be going for about a year so she's very cheap but very good.
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    I was quoted £6.50 for plain thistle and green leaves. Feel a bit ripped off but what can you do!image
  • yellow09 - how many are you making? I've got it into my head that I want all my guests to have a buttonhole!
  • yellow2011yellow2011 Posts: 620
    Im doing 7 buttonholes, just for the males in the wedding party.

    male guests should have their own buttonholes. i know when my parents go to weddings my mum always gets my dad one and herself a corsage. if you are going to provide buttonholes you should tell people as they'll be miffed if they pay money for one and have to change it

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    I have been quoted £4.50 for standard buttonholes and the grroms which will have a thistle with it £6, i seem to think thats the average
  • I've been quoted £5 each for rose buttonholes by several florists (Cornwall) x
  • i have been quoted 6.50 for single calla lily and leaf. xx
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    ive been quoted about £3 - 4 i think
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    ive been quoted £6 each but im having calla lillies which are an expensive flower.

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    Thanks everyone, I dont feel too bad now. I might have a go at making my own though!
  • i can make them - i went on a beginners floristry course - word of advice Carnations are much much easier than roses to do as you only have to put wire through the stem - roses you have to wire the bulb (the green leaf type things which go round the bottom of the rose) into the rose as well as the stem or they will start breaking up after being worn for a while- and a note to others if you get a florist who doesnt do this they are doing you on the cheap!!!

    Not an expert but have just completed some floristry courses.
  • £3.50 for big white rose or £1.50 for carnation - and that's in central london.
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    As a florist myself £4.50 for a single rose B/H is very normal,slightly low actually for a good quality wedding florist ! many cheaper florists will use a cheaper grade rose then the more expensive ones, generally high grade ones will not longer be larger, but will last longer once made up

  • Has anyone priced up how much it would roughly cost per buttonhole to make them yourself?

    I am hoping to make all my wedding flowers from paper, but as time is running out I am just looking for alternatives. Found some artificial rose buttonholes in hobbycraft yesterday for 99p each, was thinking that might be my backup plan, but if this way works out alot cheaper then it will be better (our wedding budget is very shoestring hehe)

  • hi we have been quoted £8 per male button holes, which are calla lilly, bear grass and tied with burgundy satin ribbon on stems with 3 pearl pins in, and the corsages are £10 each those are calla lilly, roses, tied the same as the mens but with a organza ribbon bow in burgundy aswell....

    soon adds up thou when you need 4 corsages, and several button holes !!! x
  • count pls girls : £0,65 + VAT/ usual cheapest rose+  £ 0,45 & VAT /buttonhole safety support with pin + supplier delivery or postage. all these before getting in your storage. after all these add : cold storage, trimming/labor and "flowerbabysitting which involves plant food, water and trimming for 24h before delivery". Start working on it and add : Foliage + floral band+ ribbon+life spray+ leafshine spray premium flowercare to be sure its still perfect for the next 24h. And in the end delivery to your door...... if non of these doesn't show you our costs just buy yourself a bunch of flowers from Morrison, cut them short and add a pin hopping that all will look elegant stylish or just good enough for your only extraordinary day of your life!!! apart of giving birth of course!!! or maybe our labor and talent should be consider charity!!!

  • or buy yourself some artificial flowers from one pound if u believe this is all u deserve... for once in your life!!

  • Thats not too bad, and around the same as what we are paying for ours.

    If you get them straight from the interflora website, they are £12 for one single boring flower!

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