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Decision Made: Ordering dress from House of Brides..i think.

Thats it, after reading posts and the current state of our budget have decided to order my dream dress (which costs £900) from House of

It is Alfred Angelo, works out at £400 (after taxes and import duty) and it is what i want.

After reading posts (and this subject has been discussed loads) I cant find a single negative why cant I help feeling like I am taking a huge risk? please please please anyone who has had a bad experience/incident/etc with house of brides please let me know before next weekend, when i am going to order....or i will just accept my second choice dress and that will be the end of it.

Any advice would be greatly received.


  • nhebdon83nhebdon83 Posts: 238
    This may seem like a silly question but, have you looked on the Alfred Angelo website ( as they have loads of stockists in the UK. Most bridal shops will order in certain dresses if you ask them and they stock the particular designer you are after, this will cut down a lot of cost on shipping etc.

    Sorry of this has been suggested already, only just come into the conversation

    Good luck and im sure whatever you get you will look stunning.:\)
  • joannabooth84joannabooth84 Posts: 1,119
    Which dress is - can you post us a link? x
  • XabiukXabiuk Posts: 1,686
    i would say go for it! its a company you are dealing with for a start, i've been looking at bridesmaids dresses and they are so much cheaper on that site. if you know thats the dress you want and you;ve tried it on, you're not going to be disappointed it isn't as expected. It would also be worth ringing around other stockists like nhebdon83 has suggested if haven't already x

  • Thanks trying on the dress one more time on monday and if i love it as much as the last time i think i will order it on tuesday.

    it is style 1476..

    wish me luck!
  • flynns_mummyflynns_mummy Posts: 1,631
    Tara, as a bride who ordered my bridesmaids dresses off HoB, the only negative stuff I found (and I looked hard!!!!!!!!!!) was on HOWEVER if you take the time to read to the end of it you find out that the complaint is unfounded and totally biased by an ex employee or similar. Go for it I say. At the end of the day, a UK shop would have to order the dress so the risk of something going wrong is just the same via 'face to face' shop or the internet. Hope this helps, Vicky xx
  • TPT16TPT16 Posts: 222
    Vicky After reading about your experience with house of brides me and my bridesmaids are just getting the sizes sorted then we are ordering their dresses from them.

    Tara xx
  • Ho ho...Tara me too. After Vickys thread I ordered my two GORGEOUS dessy dresses from HoB.

    I got an e-mail today saying they will be shipped in May....wahoooooo image
  • bethk333bethk333 Posts: 9
    Hi Gem

    Just wondering how long if was between the date you ordered and the confimation of shipping email you have received? I ordered my three BM dresses from them 24th Feb and just want an idea of likely timescales?

    Beth x
  • SUEDIVASUEDIVA Posts: 1,716
    hi Tara your dress is stunning it's gorgoeus. For those that have ordered, does it work out the english price on the website? Also what will happen if it needs to be altered in anyway? Sorry if sounds dumb was just wondering.
  • bethk333bethk333 Posts: 9
    Well I've answered my own question! - Email arrived this morning from HofB confirming that my order is with the manufacturers and they should receive it at the end of May to then be shipped on to me. So exciting but still seems ages away.

    In answer to Sue's post you will need to do a currency conversion as the site doesnt give UK prices but there are plenty of websites to to this on - as an idea my 3 BM dresses cost about £230 inc delivery but exc customs tax - these would've been £145 each from uk shops. Alterations if needed would need to be organised yourself once you get your order.
  • surlousurlou Posts: 165
    I have just ordered my dress off HoB - and am feeling the same jitters as you. I measured myself, and got my friend to do it too - just in case.

    I am wearing a bridesmaids dress as a wedding dress and it was going to cost me approx £150 in the UK but is going to cost £85 including post and packing and the great thing is that because it is less than £147 it will be tax free! am very excited - but also worried - i hope it will be ok. : )
  • Suzanne05ukSuzanne05uk Posts: 228
    Have you got your dress yet? Just wondered how it had gone as I am thinking of ordering from HOB to. Read lots of threads about it but most are abouting brides ordering from HOB not many threads about brides who have actually got there dress(es). Hope all went well for you, please let me know. Cheers Suzanne
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