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first dress fitting not sure whether to laugh or cry! *pics*

Finding 'the one' has not been an easy task to say the least. Im now on my 2nd dess after the first shop went bust last December a week before my fitting were due to start. I was also determined to lose weight for the wedding and embarked on a strict diet and exercise regime in order to become a slim bride (well slimmer at least!!) . I'd just like add that I have lost weight for myself and to become a better role model for daughter definitely NOT for h2b - he couldn't care a less either way!! ;\)

So after 9 months of waiting today was the day I'd have my first fitting. image I ordered my dress back in December and after months of wobbles and panic attacks (thank you ladies for all your advice) I'm pleased to say I'm over the moon with the finished result! The dress is a combination of both Ian Stuarts Fortuna and Sabrina. My hard work as clearly paid off because the dress need to be taken in 3 further dress sizes, I could of cried but unfortunately this has resulted in an additional £600 worth of costs for the fittings - apparently the dress needs a complete overhaul!!

Please excuse the mess of my hair I got caught in the rain!!

I hope you like it.



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  • LuluinloveLuluinlove Posts: 275
    Are you ok LVB? I opened to check from the thread title but just a dot in the text.

    I hope everything is ok and you meant tears of joy from your dress being so fabulous.

  • Hi , yes hope you are ok? Nothing coming up on thread so not sure if you are upset or just overwhelmed.... Hope its the latter as Lulu says! xx
  • beckacoynebeckacoyne Posts: 539
    Are you ok LVB?

  • I'm fine thank you!

    Hopefully it should be working although I'm not very 'techinal minded' so the pics will be up very shortly!

    Thank you vfor the concern though ; )

  • jessicacukjessicacuk Posts: 886
    I'm excited to see the pictures. I too am an IS bride and I'm so interested in seeing your creation xx
  • GlitterBug09GlitterBug09 Posts: 2,894
    ooh i wana see pics!
  • x

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  • x

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  • GlitterBug09GlitterBug09 Posts: 2,894
    Oh My God girlie!! You look incredible! The smile on your face says it all! Well done, all of your hard work has paid off because you look tiny! congrats xxx
  • Wow girl, you look absolutely wonderful, I hope you are very proud of yourself. You should be, you look fabulous!!!! x
  • LJSuk1LJSuk1 Posts: 673
    ohh you look amazing! I love your dress! x
  • minniminxminniminx Posts: 456
    You look lovely x
  • WOW, you look a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! I am TOTALLY loving the big bow on the back, well done for going with your gut instinct and getting the two dresses combined, it looks fab. And well done on the weight loss too you must be thrilled. x x
  • kimber-kimber- Posts: 2,663
    wow! it's lovely!!!
  • Thank you. I really am pleased with the dress I think my face does say it all, haha. I can't wait for the next fitting now!!

    James'Girl - I was just emailing you back about MOB dresses. Good luck and definitely let me know how you get on!

  • Bel43Bel43 Posts: 161
    You look lovely in your dress. Well done for losing the weight! x
  • MrsHxMrsHx Posts: 4,037
    stunning, love the top detail and bow xx
  • The dress is exquisite, and you look fantastic!

    And your smile is utterly heartwarming.
  • beckacoynebeckacoyne Posts: 539
    WOW! Congratulations, I love your dress! It looks amazing on you, and what a perfect combination!

    Your smile does say it all! Can't wait to see the final fitting pics image

  • that dress is stunning and you look super skinny! I really need to sort myself out and start exercising!! XX
  • jessicacukjessicacuk Posts: 886
    You look gorgeous hun - and tiny! Your dress is beautiful xx
  • Chubbs1ukChubbs1uk Posts: 2,013
    LVB!!!! Will be emailing you!!! Love love love it and can't believe how good & skinny you look!!! xx
  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    Fabulous!!! I knew your dress was going to be spectacular and it really is absolutely stunning.

    And the bow at the back is amazing!!!!

    You must be so happy! x

    ps You look great too- look at that teensy waist! xx
  • Thank you for all your kind comments, my head is growing by the second!

    Chubbs - Did you find out about the shoes? I'm desperate for a pair now for the wedding!! Email me.

  • Dannij_123Dannij_123 Posts: 275
    You look absolutely incredible. I'm not usually a fan of Ian Stuart dresses but I have to say WOW! x
    WOW you look fabulous, really happy & smiley in your dress too!!

    Congrats on the weight loss, dropping 3 dress sizes is a huge achievement. I'm sure you feel that all the diet / exercise effort has paid off when you look at these photos and see you're a real skinny minny!!

  • ceryslouceryslou Posts: 144
    You dress is gorgeous and you look stunning in it. I must admit its not the type of dress I would have looked at on the hanger, but it looks gorgeous on. Congratulations on your weight loss too. Wish I had your dedication lol x x
  • ljcsurreyljcsurrey Posts: 657
    Wow the dress is beautiful and you now def are a skinny bride - you look fab - well done

  • LuluinloveLuluinlove Posts: 275
    WOW! Definitely tears of joy i'm pleased to see and rightly so you look sensational.
  • mulv2222mulv2222 Posts: 112
    Wow!!! You look stunning!!!!

    Wish mine would hurry up....
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