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Venue change of heart

H2B has come home from work and said he's not sure on our venue (I'm currently refaining from having a diva and remembering it's his wedding too!).

Basically... I want to get married at Chatsworth H2B loves it too and wants to get married here as much as I do but as they have big events running he is concerened that we may be sharing our wedding with 'a few too many people'. I totally agree with this and we planned to choose a date when no such event take place (they have horse trials, classic car shows etc). Aside from this the grounds shut to the public at 4pm (to my knowledge) and anyone who knows Chatworth knows its immensly big!

H2B has asked that I don't get my heart set on Chatsworth and has come up with an alternate venue- he drives past on his way home from work so he's obviously been thinking. We live 5 minutes away from here- They only have limited number of weddings a year,we will have a marquee and logistically it would be so much easier as it is so close to home! It's also beautiful and the gardens are breathtaking.... but it's not Chatsworth.

We still haven't arranged to meet the planner at Chatsworth so I know I'm getting myself disapointed for nothing and Renishaw is absolutely stunning and I'dbe honoured to have my wedding there should we be able to book.

Has anyone else had a change of heart and are glad they did?



  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    Hey Lola,

    We originally had provisionally booked a hotel for the big day and then changed our mind and booked another hotel instead...

    Unfortunately the second hotel double booked(!) and we were left venue-less with 8 months to go!

    Luckily we managed to find an exclusive hire venue(went off the idea of hotels afer what happened) and I'm now glad we went through what we did even though at the time it was very stressful.

    Personally I wouldn't like to have to share the venue with other events on the same day but thats just me. Both venues look beautiful and both would be a stunning backdrop for the big day but before choosing Chatsworth I'd have to have an absolute guarantee that there would be no other events that day.

    I'd say keep an open mind and go visit both venues and keep your eyes open for another venue- you might be pleasantly surprised! x
  • js_lolajs_lola Posts: 1,811
    H2B has just said... "We can see Renishaw from our bedroom window so everyday we can wake up and remember...".

    Miss Annie thank foryour advice I've calmed down now and much more open to the idea. How horrible forthemto double book I bet you were heartbroken at the time... you don't have long to go now how exciting!

  • HodgeysDorrisHodgeysDorris Posts: 1,207
    Hi Lola,

    We too had venue trouble after deliberating over what we wanted we provisionally chose a hotel venue simply because it could hold over 150ppl and we could have fireworks (something h2b has his heart set on) Ever since we booked it i had a gut feeling that it wasnt right but living in London we had to rely on my mum to vue venues and give us feedback (rubbish idea i know!) We met our photographer after hearing such great reviews from some girls on here and he recommended a castle just under an hour away, we went there and it was truly stunning, we couldnt have it the date we originally wanted as it was a bank holiday but we rejigged the date and am now very happy with no regrets!!

    I personally love the 2nd venue, as there is no way i want to share my day with loads of other people or events going on!! What is it that makes Chatsworth thee venue for you, maybe a list of pro's and con's with the other choice and also meeting with the teams at both venues may help?!

    Good Luck with deciding!!

    Aww your h2b sounds very romantic with his comment!!


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  • emmavukemmavuk Posts: 81

    We considered Chatsworth when we first got engaged because I'm from that part of Derbyshire originally. In the end we've chosen a venue in central London as that is where we live now. Anyway, there were a few things that put me off Chatsworth which I thought you might want to know. Firstly, as you say, they often have other events on. I was told that it is not possible for them to guarantee there won't be other events on including music concerts - I was concerned that we would be able to hear a concert in the distance while at the wedding! Secondly you only get the stables area for a wedding rather than a section of the main house.

    Personally, I think Renishaw Hall is lovely and it's different - in a good way.

    Anyway, I hope you get the place that is best for you - good luck.

  • I can't comment on either venue but just wanted to say it's lovely that H2B has put so much thought into it all, which ever way it goes xx
  • jessicacukjessicacuk Posts: 886
    Hi Hun,

    If I were you, i'd go with the venue you have your heart set on - Chatsworth. I get married in October and booked my wedding at the beginning of last October. We booked a local hotel, and although we booked a gorgeous ballroom that overlooked the sea - i knew it wasn't the venue for me. On Saturday just gone, I decided to visit a couple of my dream venues and decided to book one of them on the spot. I now feel so much happier when I think of my wedding plans and I know 110% I have made the right decision in changing the venue.

    Why don't you have a look around both venues and speak to the co-ordinators there? Can't you pay extra to have exclusive use of Chatsworth? Go with the one you love, unless you want to risk wanting to change your mind (and existing wedding plans) further down the line.

    Jessica xx

    PS - They are both stunning venues xx
  • js_lolajs_lola Posts: 1,811
    Thanks girls! You've all offered some really great advice. Going to put my sensible head on and take each venue for what they are

    Piggybride- I really love the stables and eat in the Burlington restaurant there quite regularly but I can imagine it must've been a disapointment if you thought the reception would be held in the main house! The only positive about the event is they areplanned well in advance so we can always plan around those.

    Going to walk Izzy round Renishaw gardens this weekend (it's their Bluebell season how gorgeous)... see if I get the 'vibe'! Keep looking at it through the window and it is very pretty image

  • emmavukemmavuk Posts: 81
    Lol! I didn't expect the whole house for that price - it would have been absolutely incredible value! I agree that you definitely have to go with a venue that you and your h2b love and feel is amazing. The Stables and the Burlington restaurant are nice (I've been to an event there before) but in the end just weren't for us. Good luck with it all!

    P x
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