Monsoon 2009 summer sale starts?

Hi, I've seen some bridesmaids dresses in monsoon but they are £160, I want to get them as soon as the sale starts, does anyone know when the summer sale normally begins at monsoon/ I need three al togetehr and Im paying for all my BM so feel its worthwhil gettign them then and running the risk. x


  • Usually the end of June beg of July!

    Good luck.

  • CaraHicks2bCaraHicks2b Posts: 461
    if they do go in ur store before then. ask for numbers for many other stores and call round. they cant of gone everywhere
  • i didnt expect the sale to start then, im not even shopping for my wedding drss until sept so looks like my BM' s will be sorted before me! haha

    yes, good point cara, monsoon are really good actually with that...I once bought a door handle in the sale that had 75% percent off but I wanted two others, so I phoned up loads of stores, started with lndon fist as i envisaged they had bigger shops and more stock and they let me pay over phone and sent me them in the post for free.

    I've just realised aswell, in castleford, at the junction32 outlet, there is an outlet store, so i bet loads of tehm go there aswell. x
  • clairedyktaclairedykta Posts: 122
    i bought my bridesmaid dresses from monsoon - couldn't get the sizs i needed in my local store so i rang their stock line and they found me all the sizes i needed which were all over the coutry and posted them all over to me from just one delivery charge. brilliant!
  • aww fab- thats put my mind at rest then. x
  • anothervickyanothervicky Posts: 1,290
    Hope you don't mind me crashing but when I saw you were having a Deco Wedding! These dresses are £100 each, having them from my BM's, come in a few different colours too..... I'm having a twenties wedding too (this August). BIG HIGH FIVE!!!

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  • emmajuppemmajupp Posts: 7
    I used the Monsoon stock finding service to find my pearl clutch bag for our wedding in August. They take your card details and search all of the stores and send it to you with in 7 days. It arrived by special delivery and with a receipt. Best bit is that you can return it to any Monsoon store if you decide not to keep them.

    I'm waiting for the sale too...I'm going to stock up on honeymoon clothes!

    Good luck!
  • hi vicky, those dresses look fab! i think u posted the link on another one of my topics. high five right back at ya! x
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