Cheap Wedding Cars Herts/London HELP

I am getting married June 2010 in Enfield North London the reception in Cheshunt, Herts. I am looking for any cheap wedding cars don't care if old or new just some thing nice for me and my dad to go in and another car for bridesmaids at the moment for either 3 new cars as I have 5 BM or two old cars as they fit more people in the quote is coming out at over £800 which I really cant afford!

Does any one know and good places


Tasha xx



  • tasha606tasha606 Posts: 113
    Any one???

  • williamsonjukwilliamsonjuk Posts: 577
    How fond of London are you? Can you make it a feature? If so, try...

    Our vintage (ish) fairway is costing £250. Taxis will also seat 5 so you'll only need 2.

  • kiely27kiely27 Posts: 715
    I would suggest just ordering normal London taxis fom computer cab and request the shape you want but dont tell them it is for a wedding. Then when they arrive tell them you will give them an extra £10-20 if they stick a ribbon on. Will work out much cheaper!

    My Dad is a london cabbie and has had this happen to him and he was more than happy to do it.

    Needless to say he will be driving me to the church the escorting me down the isle.

    Cant wait, 16 days!!!

  • runnergirl75runnergirl75 Posts: 411
    Hi Tasha,

    Try this's where I'm getting my cars from i think!

  • tasha606tasha606 Posts: 113
    How fond of London are you? Can you make it a feature? If so, try...

    Our vintage (ish) fairway is costing £250. Taxis will also seat 5 so you'll only need 2.

    I love this idea thanks I never knew you could hire these!!! xx
  • tasha606tasha606 Posts: 113
    Hi Tasha,

    Try this's where I'm getting my cars from i think!

    Thank you I havent heard of these and prices look good xx
  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239
    You could try an Executive car company. I booked Beluga chauffers for my bridesmaids and it was £80 for a mercedes (although I was called a couple of days before and told that it was in the garage being serviced, so they provide the Bentley instead!) It was quarter of the price for what I paid for my traditional Rolls Royce wedding car x
  • tasha606tasha606 Posts: 113
    wow thanks do you just search in yell for Executive Cars??? xx
  • tasha606tasha606 Posts: 113
    just wanted to see if any one had any other companys still struggling with this image x
  • Gemsb2bGemsb2b Posts: 198
    Hey tasha,

    I am having the same trouble i live in cheshunt but getting married in Hitchin and do you think i can find a reasonable car company i have got 5 bridesmaids also so looking for the same amount of cars as you! Where are you getting married?
  • tasha606tasha606 Posts: 113

    Wow we have exactly the same problem I have 5 BM so need a big car to fit them all in!

    I am getting married in a Church in Enfield but then reception at DeVere in Cheshunt in there new barn.

    where are you getting married and when?

    We could maybe share any good suppliers!

    The cheapest I have at the moment for cars is £690 which I think is way to much and I am trying to cut the cost of the wedding as every thing just seems to get out of control image

  • Gemsb2bGemsb2b Posts: 198
    I know its a bloody nightmare isn't it!

    Aw thats sounds lovely, We are getting married on 24th April so still got a few months to go but it is coming round quick! We are getting married at The Priory Barn in Little Wymondley, Hitchin. There is a hotel about 5 mins away from the venue as we are having the whole day there and cars have qouted me cheapest for one car is £320 its ridicoulous. Think i am either going to try and find someone with nice cars or chauffers maybe will at least cut the cost. I know the feeling everything just adds up doesn't it!!

    When are you getting married?

  • tasha606tasha606 Posts: 113
    ohh I looked at that is lovely venue!!

    I been trying to find exeuctive cars but no lucky as been told they are allot cheaper!

    I dotn get married till 5th June 2010 got allot booked really wanna to check the cars off now lol!

    where abouts in cheshunt are you xx
  • Gemsb2bGemsb2b Posts: 198
    I know me too i just trying to get stuff done! Have you it?

    I live near brookfield farm, where do you live?
  • tasha606tasha606 Posts: 113
    I have and not much came up image

    I live near Goffs, near Rosedale.

    What else have you got booked?
  • bubsyuk1bubsyuk1 Posts: 222
    Hi Ladies,

    You could always try cab firms if you cant find executive cars and ask them whats the nicest car they have... i live next to heathrow so hundreds of executive car places here... maybe even worth ringing them down here and seeing how much ... might sound expensive but could work out cheaper than hire!

    p.s is thats your colour theme tasha606,,pink/brown?

    Im also having a pink/brown theme

  • MrsZogMrsZog Posts: 1,241
    This company is based in North Herts, I've not used them as I didn't need cars but their prices don't look too bad. To be honest it's run by a friend of a friend but I have no first-hand knowledge of their service.
  • tasha606tasha606 Posts: 113

    - thank you !! Yes my colours are pink and brown a dusty pink and choco brown what type of pink and brown are you having? When do you get married?

    Zog thanks these look really good and sooo well priced I am emailing them now! xx
  • Someon recommended that if I wanted a cheap/free classic vintage car, then I could find a car owners forum for that type of car, and put out a plea for help. Apparently many owners are willing to let their pride and joys be used for this kind of thing. Then you could always see about hiring a cheap exec. car or smart taxi for your bridesmaids.
  • try

    They are based in Broxbourne. I think they quoted me £350 for each car (bentley and limo) but said they'd do both for £450. I've decided against a car now (i'm just going to ask a friend with a nice car) but I though the deal for 2 cars was pretty good.
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Gems- I'm also getting married at the Priory! isn't it beautiful? We fell in love with it from the very first moment we drove up there. But not until 16th Oct 2010, would love to exchange ideas.... Haven't sorted out cars yet, we have a contact for someone in London so hoping for some 'mates rates' but not sure yet, getting some good ideas here!

    I have booked my cars through the above company. They have a big range, including old daimler limousines which can seat 5 in the back.

    I found them the most reasonably priced too.
  • Neil12Neil12 Posts: 1

    I have 2cars that might suit a vw phaeton that would be good for you and dad and a bridesmaid and a convertible merc both lovely condition. I will be as cheap as you can get. Let me know.


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