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HELP!!!! Its gone wrong!

It is 8 weeks tomorrow until my wedding and i have spent all night crying and worrying about what i am going to do!

I ordered 6 Bridesmaids dresses off ebay (i have done this before from China and the dress was thick, heavy and stunning, just like a shop dress) and they came last night.They are cheap looking with no lining! The central sash hangs too low which means the seams can be seen. One of the thinest girls tried it on and looked big as it is so unflattering and my bridesmaids range from a size 10 to 24!!!!

I have emailed asking for a refuns due to quality being low but the dresses were very cheap and the postage was £20 a dress (which i wouldnt have minded paying as the last one i bought came in a box) but thse came tight packed in plastics bags and i jiffy bag which stated 10$ postage (after i spent over £100 on postage) and they dont refund that either.

I dont know what to do now. 8 weeks left and i have no budget to buy more dresses and i dont know where to get cheap floor length bridesmaid dresses!

can anyone help????



  • hollyandmatthollyandmatt Posts: 777
    oh no I am really sorry.

    The only thing I can suggest is improving the dresses you have... or getting some cheap dresses elsewhere. I went to primark yesturday, which is 2 hours from me, so not there often, and was really amazed by some of the cheap dresses... no quality is not great but they had a number of knee length dresses from £8 upwards... I dont know if this might be an option? or

    full length? i dont know.. try littlewoods etc, sale sections, try not to get upset.. maybe if you just adapt your plan a bit.. then you may find something. hope it all goes ok
  • lucybunn18lucybunn18 Posts: 71
    oh no petal, could you perhaps get some sort of netting or something to go under the skirt or have a lining addes? Also if you get a different/thicker sash with some clever gok stylee dressing you could still disguise the problems? Definitely raise a compleint with ebay, you should be able to claim the postatge pach given that you have evidence that they have massively oversharged you for it. Good luck. x
  • esskevanesskevan Posts: 1,033
    do you have a picture of what the dresses were meant to look like so we know what you are looking for. Don't fret I'm sure we can help. Also whereabouts are you? x
  • could you take them to a dressmaker to be altered so cant see seam and have them taken in a bit to make them more flattering?

    Otherwise, how about monsoon I think prices there are not too bad though not 100% sure on that
  • kfluteukkfluteuk Posts: 118
    The easiest thing to do would probably try to find a good seamstress and get them altered to fit. Get some nice underskirts as that will stop the material from falling badly. I'm sure that once they are altered they won't look cheap like you fear them to look
  • JAX1145JAX1145 Posts: 1,742
    Do post a pic hun so we can have a look and try to help in some way....

    would like to see what they should look like and what you actually recieved...

    What was the company you used??????

    jax x
  • Thank you for all your replies. I have managed to calm down now.

    I have rung all dressmakers around the areas (north wales, Chester and the Wirral) and they are unable to do it in the time available due to time restraints.

    I have spent the day in Chester with my MOH and were unable to find anything that was either relatively cheap or would go up to the size needed (24-26) and gone through the yellow pages and for anyone else who may be able to help.

    We need to get the dresses in a shop as i think i would possibly breakdown if the same thing happened again or there were anything further problems, and it i spent £60 - 100 on a dress, the independant seamstresses round here are starting at £60 for basic alterations.

    I have however had a good long chat with H2B and MOH after looking at the options and have decided that the only way i can get nice dresses that suit in time is to go to a bridal shop. I have rung all the shops in the areas around us and got prices. They are however going to cost £120 - £150 with £40 alterations on top. We have seen some nice dresses and the ppl shops we have been to do come with recommendations from friends which is good. As i kind of inherited 4 BMs (my H2B twin cousins and sister and my sister in law - thats havent really helped towards the wedding at all) as well as my 2 best friends, i am going to ask for some help from them financially to pay for the dresses as we simply just cannot afford to pay all in for 6 MORE dresses. The girls who really want to be involved im sure will help and the others just wont be able to be BM.

    I feel terrible for doing that but i am already in debt over the wedding and havent got any budget to allow for this (and i may be waiting some time for my refund from ebay - if i get it) so i need to try and keep costs as low as possible as there is still more things to sort out.

    Am i being awful doing this as i know it isnt standard practise??

    This is how the dress was supposed to look but REALLY doesnt look like this now...

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  • esskevanesskevan Posts: 1,033
    pic doesn't work hun x
  • sorry im rubbish on computers!
  • ButterflybeauButterflybeau Posts: 930
    Im so sorry this happened to you! Ebay can be the best place or the worst

    You can start a dispute in which they have to resolve the situation with you or they will be kicked off ebay and I think with anything spent over £50 you are well within your rights to start a dispute straight away I cant believe they charged you £100 for postage they shoved them in a jiffy bag!

    with regards to finding a new set of dresses I think your right to ask your bridesmaids to chip in or if your casual about your bridesmaids ask them to find there own dress in a particular colour and buy it themselves in their own budget? or head down to debenhams, house of fraser, monsoon (as said in another post above they have lovely dresses), ASOS.COM

    or maybe consider buying the fabric and having them made? (i dont know if you have time or how long it takes?)

    Dont give up on getting your money back from them though xx
  • i am waiting until monday for a reply and then i will be raising a dispute with Ebay.

    I have looked at Monsoon, Coast, Debenham, BHS, Littlewoods etc and nothing in the right sizes and it cost jut as much after alterations as gettng a BM dress from a bridal shop.

    I would normally ak them to pay but after losing so much money i cant afford £600-1200 all over again
  • sarahrobsonuksarahrobsonuk Posts: 3,266
    What about second hand dresses, there are loads on ebay, what colour are you after? how did you pay for dresses? credit card/visa - go thriough card company,if paid direct through paypal do a dispute now and escalate it to a claim straightaway, if the company take all the money out of their account, you wont get anything. and dont cancel the dispute until u get a refund, even if they ask you to. if you cancel before they refund you, u cant reopen a dispute again.
  • mrscabbottmrscabbott Posts: 209
    i've heard really good reports of this site. you can pick your fabric, design your own dress then submit your measurements and they make the dresses for you. if there is a problem with them you can return them and they will alter them for you.
  • i paid via paypal so my bro is coming tomorrow to dispute it for me as he is better at stuff like that than me.

    i am a little dubious about trying an online site thi late in the game with sending them back and forth it they dont fit as some of the BM live far away so trying to get us all together is a bit hard and very time consuming.
  • mummakaymummakay Posts: 1,028
    hi ya hun why dont you take all your bridesmaids out and find a dress they all like and get them to pay half of the cost of the dress to help you sure they wont mind!!!

    I was going to get my dress and bridesmaid dress from ebay but that has put me off haha!

    I hope it works out for you hun, you should post a picture of the dresses.

    Also look for little seamstresses down markets and places like that, i know one in my area thats got a tiny little shop but when my mums friends wedding dress came back from the shop with fag burns in it this lady saved the day!!!

    Hope that helps!

    loadza luv x x x
  • FegirlukFegirluk Posts: 527
    Hi, have you looked at Marks and spencers? They have some really nice dresses in at the moment - for about £50.

    What colour are you looking for?

  • looking for red. we have been to all the shops and i can only go with a couple of thew BM as the others live far away and dont drive lol. so its hard to work round.

    i spoke to a friends mate who is a seamstress and said she would do me mates rates and she said to alter lenth and bust would be £60 MINIMUM!!!
  • FegirlukFegirluk Posts: 527
    Bright red or more claret?

    Bravissimo has a nice red and white spotted dress?...

  • miss_julyukmiss_julyuk Posts: 585
    just emailed you x
  • jemmapengjemmapeng Posts: 32
    hi hun this must be so stressful for you, i dont have any words of wisdom for you but i wanted to recommend this man in a bridal shop in wrexham as thats where im from the prices are cheaper than chester and he is fab he had someone go in last week with the same prob but her's was the brides dress and he sorted her out he is so good, if you want the details let me know??
  • twt09twt09 Posts: 1,554
    oh no you poor thing, try they have some nice ones or who do larger sizes

  • twinkle195twinkle195 Posts: 377
    My friend had bridesmaids of different shapes and sizes and found prom style dresses in Debenhams in the end. Was going to suggest Monsoon or Coast but see you've already tried them. Like others have suggested, perhaps ask them if they'd pay for their own dresses as a wedding present? Especially if they'd be able to wear them again afterwards. Let them decide on their own coordinating shoes and accessories then maybe pay for bouquets and hair pieces??

    Alternatively, why not go for black?? Then doesn't matter where they get them from as with clever accessorising will all tie in. Could look really classy and unique?? More likely to suit all shapes and sizes and likelihood is that they will all have a favourite LBD lurking in their wardrobe. Black would tie in with red and whit/ ivory too!!

    Really hope you get it sorted... try not to worry, these things have a habit of sorting themselves out. You have every chance of getting your money back from the original dresses and so this can be put towards whatever you decide. Chin up chick!! x
  • becki989becki989 Posts: 198
    Im sorry to hear whats happened, im sure it will all work out. What was the name of the ebay shop you got them from so we can all be warned! I was gunna get my dress's made from ebay??? good luck
  • Right!!! i am now down to 2 bridesmaids who are willing to go halves with me which is a relief after a weekend ofn no sleep and constant tears and headaches.

    most were all ok with it except 1 who thought i was made of money.
  • williamsonjukwilliamsonjuk Posts: 577
    I think it's lovely that you've ended up with 2 BMs that really care about you. If you were my mate I'd pay for my dress. Glad its sorted now x
  • thanks hun. they are my 2 closest friends which means a lot especially seeing as they cant really afford it either
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    Debenhams Debut have some lovely red dresses under £100 each

    This one is really nice

  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    Debenhams Debut also - This one is £120

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