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Good Quality Menswear Hire?

Hi everyone,

My h2b orginally wanted to have bespoke suit made for our wedding. He has since decided that he wants to wear traditional tails ,as it's not every day he will get to do this, whereas he wears a suit normally to work everyday.

Rather than have bespoke tails made, which he probably would never wear again, we are looking at going down the hire route. However he is a bit reluctant, as he doesn't want to wear a cheap looking suit that a lot of the regular hire places we have found stock. Understandably, he wants to look good too and have something that's good quality for the big day.

Just wondered if anyone could suggest anywhere we could try?

Katie x

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  • lotte3lotte3 Posts: 378
    Hi, we went to a great one off independant hire shop in Windsor called, rather imaginatively, Windsor Formal Hire. They were very good. I have also heard really good things about Hugh Harris in Woking. Don't know if either of these are near to you.....

  • SheikaukSheikauk Posts: 54
    Where are you based Katie Cupcake?

    You could try these people if you are in London
  • LizyukLizyuk Posts: 117
    My fiance was the same. He popped into places like Moss Bros and was quite underwhelmed by the quality. On the recommendation of his mum's friend he went to a small independent shop (Anthony Blay in Wokingham) and was much much happier. So, what I am trying to say is it may be best to try smaller, local places rather than the big nationwide chains.

    Lizy x
  • vanessafoxvanessafox Posts: 213
    We had exactly the same issue - all the places like Moss Bros etc were really poor quality and ill fitting. We have now ordered all the suits from Phillip Alexander

    They're based in Wilmslow in Cheshire and also on Saville Row in London. They hire the morning suits in, unpick them at the seams and re-stitch them to fit to your H2B's exact measurements. V good quality - I'd really recommend them.


  • Perks09Perks09 Posts: 765
    We have hired all our suits from Hugh Harris in woking.

    We looked everywhere for a brown tail and this was the only place that did them. All the other places had the brown suits in 3/4 length.

    There website is really good and has won loads of awards. think the website is They are a little bit more money but do really good quality suits.

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  • kvwoodcockkvwoodcock Posts: 161

    Thanks for all your replies ladies. Will have a look at all the ones that you have recommended.

    Sheika - We're based in Leeds but have family in Leicester. Although we're happy to travel to find something suitable!

    Katie x

  • rpd20rpd20 Posts: 282
    May be a bit of a stretch but Favourbrook in London (Jermyn Street) is good. They even do those velvet cigar jackets which my h2b was pretty keen on!x
  • lochwinnoch35lochwinnoch35 Posts: 949
    Hi Katie,

    Just thought i would let you know we went to both Hugh Harris and Windsor Formal Hire yesterday. We live quite far away from them (in Cambridge) and we are getting married in Leicestershire but after reading this thread i wanted to try them as we too were underwelmed by any suit shop.

    Hugh Harris were very good - with a nice range of suits and the guy was very helpful and friendly. We had a really good time and they were more than happy to answer any questions and give quotes and advice.

    Windsor Formal Hire were extremely good. The service was fantastic and the suits were of good quality and there was a good selection. We were almost 1 1/2 hours late to our appointment due to being sat in traffic but this didn't seem to matter to them, they just fitted us in and made us feel welcome with tea and much to H2B's happiness...a beer! Their prices are very reasonable and they certainly were very professional and good at fitting the suits and giving recommendations. An all round brilliant experience! :\)

    As you may have guessed we will be using Windsor Formal Hire for our Suits!

    I hope this helps a little

    MrsV-2B X
  • jenjen032515jenjen032515 Posts: 720
    Greenwoods is a chain but much better quality than the others - think the hire section is called 1806 - google green woods and you will find it- useful if you have groomsmen scattered far and wide!
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