Isabella weddings coordinator? (also posted on planning)


I am thinking of having an on the day wedding planner to help out. Saw Isabella wedding planner service in an old copy of Brides mag and wondered if anyone had used their serivce? I am thinking of using the mid package, so help with planning but mainly on the day help. Would like to know if any good/ bad experiences!

Thank you




  • ceelouceelou Posts: 437
    not sure if it is the same one but I know a great planner called Isobel who is helping me out 'on the day'...?
  • MrsMcDermott2bMrsMcDermott2b Posts: 1,178
    Where about are you?

    We're in Edinburgh and are looking for someone to help out with our planning, and also organise an engagement party.

    Good luck.

  • EMJ2BEMJ2B Posts: 934
    Mrs McDermott2b,

    I am an Events Organiser in Glasgow and do some freelance weddings and parties myself. If you are still looking for a wedding planner I would love to help you out.

    You can email me if you are interested and I can show you some of the things I have worked on before.

    Best Wishes

  • cazfaycazfay Posts: 643

    I'm based in the South and think she is based in Southampton. This is the website:

    If anyone has used grateful for your feedback. If not, and I use will let you know how it goes

  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910
    not used them - used tk weddings but they are no longer could try
  • cazfaycazfay Posts: 643
    Thanks Lozzy think I will shops around before choosing image
  • kerry09ukkerry09uk Posts: 13
    i would shop around i did and found the prices very competitive.

    If you are based in south of england try great prices i am using there 8week stress reliever package.

    good luck

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