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Laser Cut Invitations

Hi Ladies

I've just started looking at invites and I came across a company called Chartula who make bespoke laser cut invites. They are absolutely gorgeous but also seem very expensive especially as I have to order quite a few! Have any of you seen any laser cut invites as I am quite inspired by this idea now?

Here's the link so you can see the sort of thing I'm talking about


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  • Chartula's invitations are beautiful, I love them but yes very expensive if you are having a large wedding.

    Confetti do laser cut invitations although their not quite in the same league!!

  • rjharmer17183rjharmer17183 Posts: 212
    Chartula's invitations are stunning! I think they are gorgeous.

    I know they've launched a DIY range that still features the laser cutting called Chartula create

  • TANYA1085TANYA1085 Posts: 413
    i am going to use the chartula create for my invites and order of service they are just beautiful!!
  • dariellejendariellejen Posts: 80
    I'm using Chartula - our save the dates were fab and they are working on the invitations, reply cards, information cards menus and order of service a we speak! Their stationery is gorgeous and the laser cut is simply beautiful. Go for it I say!
  • GreekieJonesGreekieJones Posts: 542
    Thanks Girlies

    Went to a few stationers at the weekend and begining to think Chartula isn't so expensive after all, i'm still shocked by what companies charge at the mention of weddings!

    The Chartula create invites look gorgeous Tanya and glitterangel but do you have to print them yourself? Lasvegasbride the confetti ones are also very pretty, may look into that a little more. Thanks x
  • TANYA1085TANYA1085 Posts: 413
    i using chartula create as i want to write them personally, they give you printable paper insert so you can print them yourself, i got my sample delivered a few days ago and they are beautiful apart from that i love them just wish my H2B would let me get the bespoke ones.

  • cottontail1ukcottontail1uk Posts: 601
    Anyone using the bespoke ones?
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