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how much is your centerpieces costing? x x



  • robstersgirlrobstersgirl Posts: 4,161
    Mine are about £10 each,I'm having a dull mirror plate with diamantes on , a colour changing coaster which changes the colour of the water in the vase looks so cool (they were £5 each so a big bit of the cost) with a bobbled vase in the middle with black ostrich feathers and fresh flowers (not sure which yet though) surrounded by tealights in black and white scroll holders from Ikea,and cheap tealight holders from asda.

    I have a black lace table runner too and star table number holders.

  • Hi girls

    dont know if this helps anyone but I ordered tall lilly vases from the Wedding Mall, they are 60 cm tall. I had 10 the cost was £74 including postage and packaging, we recieved them the other day and they are gorgeous. Think they were £6 something each, which after weeks of searching was much cheaper than else where and i already have someone getting married next year who is buying them from me after.
  • jenpenpiejenpenpie Posts: 65
    Soon2beb - this is the closest picture I can find, except we are having white LED lights in clear gel crystals ( I think these are pink lights in a blue gel)
  • yellow2011yellow2011 Posts: 620
    here you go jenpenpie


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  • yellow2011yellow2011 Posts: 620

    having this sort of thing for free from venue, maybe just one big vase with a few liles in it xxxxx
  • jessicacukjessicacuk Posts: 886
    Hi Hun,,

    Ours are a little more expensive, and after reading how much you are all paying I am sure our florist will be making a huge profit from us. We are having crystal candelabras on each table surrounded by four tea-lights in crystal holders, surrounded by petals and swarovski crystals. This will be at a cost of approx £80 per table.

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