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how much is your centerpieces costing? x x

thanks girlys x x


  • About £6 each doing them myself xx
  • £6.00 from the florist xx
  • NatalieRedB2BNatalieRedB2B Posts: 494
    Hi my centrepieces are costing £35. That's for hire of lily vase with arrangement of 'grand prix' roses, amarylis, winterberries and black twine. I am also hiring a mirror plate to put it on which costs an extra £3.95. I'm also having candles which are £6 a table and scattered crystal at £2.50 per table! Hmm it adds up!x
  • Mine's costing 9 pounds from florist - hire of tall lily vase with lilies in and ribbon.
  • Mine's costing 9 pounds from florist - hire of tall lily vase with lilies in and ribbon.
  • MrsHill2beMrsHill2be Posts: 366
    What are you ladies having? Coz i dot know what to do for mine. I only have 3 tables. But dont want to spend the earth any ideas?

  • SummerBeetleSummerBeetle Posts: 478
    4.30 each - bought some things from Ikea and am putting them together myself

    It's just the plate - not the mat!! x

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  • mrsdavy2bemrsdavy2be Posts: 353
    Ours are costing £14.95 each. They are topiary trees from in the same colour as our BM dresses but me and h2b are having fresh flowers on the top table.
  • biddyukbiddyuk Posts: 570
    mine are FREE, they come with the cost of my venue. the best thing is that i get to choose exactly what i want so there is not limit. im so pleased x
  • Mine is £10 having a tall vases filled with foliage and sunflowers! Stood on a mirror plate with tea lights and a sprinkling of confetti!! lol.

  • ours are costing £25 for the flowers to go in them and then im buying the vases, approx £15 each, then im buying floralytes, table mirrors and diamond sprinkles to go on the mirrors.

    So approx £50 each, but with buying my own vases i can then give them out as gifts at the end of the night.

    kirsty x
  • flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
    £30 each from the florist - hire of mirrored cube, filled with black and red tulips. xxx
  • DisneyCMFDisneyCMF Posts: 1,718
    I'm having two different designs:

    Large martini glasses with huge flower arrangement on top - £50 each (inc. hire of vase)

    Fish Bowls with flower arrangement on top - £25 each (inc. hire of vase)

    All the arrangements can be easily removed at the end of the evening so we are planning on giving them to family/friends.
  • MrsP-CMrsP-C Posts: 8,370
    £36 for the lot , got enough for 10 tables but only having 8 now
  • About £1.50 each DIY!

  • mrs-s-2bmrs-s-2b Posts: 37
    What are you ladies having? Coz i dot know what to do for mine. I only have 3 tables. But dont want to spend the earth any ideas?


    I'm not at the stage of needing to chose mine yet! But anyhow I've been looking around and this looks like a good shop

    Wonder if anyone on here has used them? They have a real good selection so think I'll be using them.

    Oh and I saw a really good idea at a restuarant I went to at the weekend, they had a small fishbowl shaped vase with scrunched up matalic wire (kindof like this with a Gerbera flower head floating on the top of the water. Both the flower and the wire were bright orange but you could use other colours. I took a picture so will post it if anyone's interested?

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  • hazzard82hazzard82 Posts: 162
    we are having balloon bouquets £6 per table
  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239
    Ours were approx £15 each. Large glass hurricane lamps with white candles on a mirror plate with table diamonds. We bought all the items, so we could give them away as thank you gifts afterwards. It great going round to friends houses and seeing the hurricane lamps we had at our wedding by their fireplaces x

    Ours are £35 each from florist, inc tall lily vases with an array of calla lilies and cherry brandy roses and foilage! I'm so excited they are beautiful! xx
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    Our venue have round mirrors, tall black vases with artificial orchids that we can use free of charge. I just bought Asda smart price tealight holders and tealights, some colour co-ordinated choc hearts and confetti sprinkles from for a grand total of £20 between 8 tables.
  • littlewulflittlewulf Posts: 2,061
    £15 from the florist

    Tall lily vases with 3 cerice gerbera, thistles and foliage.

    A bargain I think.
  • mrsloopyloumrsloopylou Posts: 1,246

  • tallkatie2tallkatie2 Posts: 602
    Hmmm not sure

    Fish bowl £3.99 x 7

    Pink Sand £2.99 a bag x 4

    (probably use half a bag per bowl)

    Candle 75p x 7

    Ribbon for bottom of candle £2

    So roughly about £6.45 a piece! xx
  • _mummy2grace__mummy2grace_ Posts: 2,815
    I'm having Gold fish bowls sat on mirror rounds with three stems of Cala Lillies and bear grass for £20 per table also glitter - yet to buy and teas lights hired at 10p per holder x
  • sahpgasahpga Posts: 213
    mine is free!!

    the venue is providing them.

    large candleabraes on a round mirror surrounded by tea lights.

    there is a huge chandelier in the room so it should work together nicely
  • natt07natt07 Posts: 1,680
    We are having mirrored cubes filled with flowers on a mirror for our centrepieces,

    The TT is costing more as we are havign a large vase and 2 smaller ones on each end, Thats costing us about £105 incl. vase and mirror hire,

    Guest tables are just having a medium sized vase on a mirror costing £40 each including vae and mirror hire
  • ashbrideashbride Posts: 377

  • ashbrideashbride Posts: 377
    I am having the abouve for my head table its £60 but worth it, going to pop a vase and cacle inside and I am having mini arrangements the same as this but a posy not a wreath for my other tables and they are £25 each xx
  • jenpenpiejenpenpie Posts: 65
    I am having fishbowls with clear gel and LED lights and 2/3 gerberas and little blue flowerheads floating on top. This is costing £9 per table - the florist is letting us borrow the fishbowls for free.
  • hollygunnhollygunn Posts: 142
    jenpenpie, do you have a picture? I'm thinking of something similar but haven;t seen any pics.


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