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Dress Wobbles Over - Yay!

OK Ladies....It's fair to say I've had some pretty serious dress wobbles over the last few months. I'm a very decisive person at work but when it comes to any kind of dress shopping, I'm truly hopeless.

I ordered a dress from Sassi Holford (at the London boutique) and have spent months agonising over whether I've chosen the right dress or not. I have some specific concerns, getting married in Italy at end of August (i.e., HOT) and am big busted but small waist and small hips.

I went this evening for my toile fitting and it was great! It was only the corset toile but I can actually see the shape the dress will be on me and how the corset will do that Jessica Rabbit thing!! I feel like I've really got past all my dress wobbles and can get on with getting excited - finally - about my dress. Its hard to explain but I really couldn't get exciited about it at all. I've been convinced I've made the wrong choice, even though I know I haven't. I've seen the posts on this website's forums from the girls who love their dresses and couldn't relate to their feelings before.

I love, love, love the girls at the London shop. I imagine (given the above) I am a 'nightmare' bride but they way they've reassured me and generally made me feel more confident has been fantastic.

My dress arrives in mid July for my first fitting and I honestly can't wait to try it on - yaaay!!!


  • Hazel1981Hazel1981 Posts: 178
    I'm so excited for you, you must feel so relieved! And it's great you can actually look forward to wearing it now, knowing that it will make you look and feel fabulous!

    Hi Penny Lane, thanks for the reply! You're right that it is a massive relief.

    Sassi was there to do my toile fitting which was great. I requested some modifications so am really happy to have had the opportunity to talk through with her.

    I've spent so many months stressing and obsessing about making the right dress choice. I never wanted to get married until day h2b proposed so had a lot of catching up on weddingy things compared with my friends who had at least some idea in advance of what they'd want should their bf ask!

    Anyway after last night, I feel so much happier and confident in my choice of dress and am so looking forward to putting on my own dress in July !


  • GreekieJonesGreekieJones Posts: 542
    Hi nevyestka

    I'm so glad to hear that your dress wobbles are over, you sound much more confident in your choice now!

    Just reading your last post, you sound just like me!!! I wasn't at all interested in weddings until H2B asked and was totally clueless with anything wedding related and still am, no wonder we both ended up having huge dress stresses!

  • AlexFinnAlexFinn Posts: 1,646
    Hi nevyestka, I am still feeling like you did at the moment. When I paid the deposit on my Jenny Packham I loved it but as the months have goen on I am feeling more and more first fitting is on the 5th of June so not much longer to wait, I just hope I love it like you did...eek!

    Glad you love your dress, it sounds amazing. xxx
  • MrsMcDermott2bMrsMcDermott2b Posts: 1,178
    Hooray, wobbles are my worst nightmare!!

    Thats so good they were so kind and helpful!!

    x x x
  • Hi nevyestka, so glad to hear that your toille fitting went well. I love the girls at the London shop too, April was lovely when I was trying on dresses (I didn't go for a Sassi dress in the end) and to have your fitting with Sassi herself wow! It must be a weight off your mind and super exciting at the same time.....I bet you'll look like a million $$$$$$!!

    How you were feeling and how Lola is feeling is exactly how I am feeling about my own dress right now, not sure I like it as all, so it's great to hear you've fallen in love with it all over again.

    I've got my third toille fitting on Saturday so I will discuss my concerns and modifications with my designer and see what she says......I'm not hopeful that I will change my mind though!! x x
    Thanks so much ladies for your very kind words!

    GreekLeek - lol - I think we have some common ground indeed, not just on the dress wobbles or previous non-interest in marriage. I have to admit I'm also partly 'Leek' and totally share your love of sparkly CLs! When is your next dress appointment? How are you feeling now?

    Lola - I am sending you positive vibes for your dress appointment on 5th June. I saw Clairey01's JP dress and it looked amazing. I'm sure you will look fabulous too! I know from your other MOB post that you probably have that weighing on your mind too at the moment. I really hope that your Mum's outfit gets sorted soon so you can focus on you.

    MrsMcDermott2B - How is your dress search going? Have you found some contenders for a short list?

    James'Girl - Yes, they are all lovely at SH! April is pregnant and was looking glowing last night. I'm also sending you positive thoughts on the toile fitting for Saturday. I am sure your dress is fabulous. Don't know about you but I definitely over-analysed it and, when it came to it last night, what I thought in my mind the dress was like was in fact not the reality. I have my fingers crossed for you that the modifications you'd like to the dress set your mind at rest and you feel positive about it.

    x x

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  • LizyukLizyuk Posts: 117

    I'm so glad you are pleased with your dress. I have my final (eek!!) fitting tomorrow at the Sassi London boutique. I'm so excited about trying it on again but also a little sad that in 24 days I wont have a reason to wear it again!!

    Lizy x
    Hey Lizy - best of luck for tomorrow! Which dress did you go for? 24 days to must be getting sooo excited!


    PS. One day I will be able to type a post which doesn't need editing afterwards for dodgy spelling!!

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  • LizyukLizyuk Posts: 117
    Hi nevyestka,

    I went for Camilla.

    If I remember from a previous post, was it Christelle you went for? It's beautiful. Kind of a similar - ish style to Camilla.

    I have absolutely adored every moment of the dress process with Sassi Holford and the fantastic people that work there.

    I can quite believe yet that I'll be a 'Mrs' come 3 weeks on Saturday!!

    Lizy x
    Wow- 3 weeks ! You must be so excited! I'm sure your dress will be so beautiful. I was going for Christelle and then finally chose Saskia.

  • LizyukLizyuk Posts: 117
    Oooh, what's Saskia like? I don't think I have seen that one.

    My final fitting yesterday was fantastic. It looks so lovely! I had a quick crash course from April in how to do up the corset so I'm getting v excited about it all now.

    Lizy x
  • GreekieJonesGreekieJones Posts: 542
    Hi nevyestka

    So you're a half welshy too!!!! I think my dress fitting isn't going to be until the end of July begining of August, I'm trying to busy myself with other things to stop myself thinking about it. One day i like the dress the next day I think it's boring and too similar to my SIL's dress image at least I have my sparkly louboutins to comfort me....... Are those they Louboutins you're going to wear in your profile pic?


    Yes, GreekLeek, I am definitely a half Welshy!! My real first name and surname are about as Welsh as it gets and so I feel very sad to trade in my Welsh surname for h2b's which has a French origin!!

    I don't think your dress is boring at all - its really beautiful. And let's face it you have got those sparkly Louboutins!! Bet your SiL didn't have them??!! I know what a nightmare dress wobbles are though....I think once you try on your dress at the end of July you will fall in love with it again. Its hard when you mid-dress wobble to remember that you chose that dress, having tried on a heap of other dresses and that was the one you loved the mostof all of them. I think when you go back and try it on, your doubts will go.

    I'm undecided on the shoes. I'm thinking I will have an ivory CL 'bridaly-y' pair during the day (which I will have dyed afterwards) and then change into some sparkly ones in the evening. I've forgotten the name of your CLs, can you remind me? I think I am going to have to go on a proper mission to locate a pair as I totally love them!! I've seen the glittery CL slingbacks but generally I don't find slingbacks to easy to dance in, which I plan on doing for the whole night!

  • GreekieJonesGreekieJones Posts: 542
    I am the opposite! I have a greek name now which I don't want to lose and H2B has the most popular welsh surname so I think I'm going to have both even if it is long!

    My Louboutins are called samira strass, there was a pair on display in Harvey Nicks the other day so I think they still have a few, don't know how easy they will be to dance in though image

    My bridesmaid tried on the ones you have in your profile in gold, They are AMAZING especially in the ivory but i wanted her to have shoes she could wear again and thought she might wreck the satin ones. Let us know how you get on with your mission!!

    Thanks GL - I work in the City so getting into Harvey Nicks can be tricky depending on work etc but must try and get there asap and try their all-night dance-ability!

    Will keep you posted!

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