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Which venue? Cliveden, Stoke Park Club or Great Fosters?

I am hoping to get married in 2010, and have looked at these three venues. Having real trouble deciding which one to go for! Has anyone got married or attended a wedding at any of these venues recently? What was it like? They all look wonderful but there must be some disadvantages too.... Thanks!

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  • CC2009CC2009 Posts: 520
    Hi there,

    Slightly biased but we are doing GF in December and I like you approached every venue in the UK and then some!!

    I think Cliveden is massively expensive, something like £36K if you want to hire it all, which I think you have to do if you wanted a DJ/Band so you didn't disturb the other guests....

    GF is unique but still has a massive feeling of age and classic history with it and they have also been very accomodating with us and our co-ordinator is lovely.

    The gardens are beautiful and as soon as I saw the Tithe Barn I was hooked.

    I'd suggest going to see them all and then decide, I think you only know when you walk in the door.

  • NatmoNatmo Posts: 2,099
    Cliveden is lovely h2b proposed to me there
  • claudineraneclaudinerane Posts: 812
    Never been to any of them but from the website cliveden looks absolutely beautiful, but then again they all do!
  • NatmoNatmo Posts: 2,099
    cliveden really is lovely and the gardens are national trust so very well maintained
  • maryaukmaryauk Posts: 23
    Thank you ladies! As it's such a lovely afternoon and we have National Trust membership, we've decided to go and have a look at Cliveden today, then following up with a visit to Great Fosters tomorrow. Got to get the venue sorted, so we can sort a date and start letting close family know! There is so much to do and I'm a bit worried we've left it too late to get a date in 2010.

    Is there anyone out there who knows anything about Stoke Park Club? It has a great reputation, but it would be good to get some inside information! ... I'll let you know how we get on!
  • jellybeans120jellybeans120 Posts: 2,002
    We looked at 20 venues, and Great Fosters had everything we wanted, although didnt look at Cliveden as just was out of our budget, i think that over 50 they said you had to private hire and that was alot of money
  • NatmoNatmo Posts: 2,099
    the rooms are about £500 per night so yep cliveden is very expensive
  • ljcsurreyljcsurrey Posts: 657
    What did you think dixy chick? X
  • jellybeans120jellybeans120 Posts: 2,002
    Yes who did you go with in the end?
  • lotte3lotte3 Posts: 378
    All 3 are totally gorgeous. How exciting!

    I love Stoke Park. That was our 2nd choice and I have been lucky enough to go to lots of events there. One of the brothers that owns it is an old customer of mine. You will be thoroughly spoiled and have a wonderful time. The food is gorgeous. I was taken there for my birthday last year and we had a wonderful evening.

    We went for Wentworth in the end as my 90 year old Grandfather has been a member for donkey's years and lives on the East course, so it meant he can always pop home if he feels poorly.

    Whichever you choose I am sure they will be fab.


    Lotte x
  • charleygirl76charleygirl76 Posts: 2,730
    I cannot comment on GF but I can on the other 2.

    SPC - Lotte32 - they must have changed their catering team as I have dreaded going to events there. I work literally 1/2 a mile down the road from there - so have lots of corporate meetings as well as our works Xmas dos in the past.

    Saying that I did enquire in 2006 and it was £180 per head, and they throw a lot at the package. However - at the end of the day it's a glorified golf club, with hotel facilities, which means you have to share it with the golfers. Exclusivity was not an option unless you want to stump up £50k+ for the revenue they lose from the plus fours brigade!

    The staff are lovely there though - and not as stuck up as you might think. It's an impressive and imposing building, and if you like Bridget Jones, Layer Cake and those Oddjob moments in Goldfinger then it's worth having a look,

    I have been to a wedding there too, and the food was passable in 2007, but the rooms that were hired seemed to be small and did seperate the party atmosphere somewhat. Not much room if you want a big band as well as DJ.

    Cliveden - It's an impressive venue with immaculate grounds - and you can see why Gazza, Ant (of ant and dec) and other WAGs etc go for it! With celebrity comes celebrity prices though. I do wish I still had the email they sent me when I was making my enquiries back in September 2006. I was told then - that for exclusive use (no day guests tramping in the grounds and no other hotel guests, etc - £35K. That just covers you walking in the door though! The minimum spend on food and drink was £15K.

    I showed my parents the details and they did chuckle.

    Funnily enough Dixie - I am going to Cliveden on Sunday this week with friends for Afternoon tea (which is actually quite reasonably priced)image . Hope you had a good day there.

    After our mammoth seach of 27 venues across 4 counties Hubby and I chose to get Wed last September at Heatherden Hall -Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath (about 4 miles from SPC).

    For top notch staff, venue with the biggest dance floor in Buckinghamshire, room for a big band and a DJ, lovely grounds, amazing wedding co-ordinator and total exclusivity (no golfers or other guests - anywhere!) for a fraction of Cliveden's prices ... then have a look there.

    Best of luck with the search D-C.

    CG xxx

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