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Third dress fitting......*pics*

Hi girls! I've just got back from my third dress fitting and am totally buzzing!

My dress doesn't actually exist yet as it's a combination of two dresses so it's been hard to visualise what the finished product will look like. I have been having serious wobbles or shall we say tremors about my dress, whether it's too boring, too plain, not really me, not dramatic enough....I could go on but you get the idea!

Anyway the first thing I did was sit down with my designer and go through all my concerns and we have decided on a few changes which I'm really happy with.

To be honest it's a huge relief as I was inches away from scrapping the design and starting again but I'm so glad that I didn't - I am in love with my dress all over again, yay!!!!

Anyway here is me in one of the samples my dress is based on, please excuse the wild hair and silly poses I was trying to minimise my chubby arms!! The bodice is the same as the one my dress will have but my skirt will be different. What do you girls think?? Still a tiny bit concerned that it's too boring and plain.......! x x

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  • CathyJ2BCathyJ2B Posts: 87
    You look stunning! Love, love, love the top of the dress, and it looks fabulous with the bolero. As for it being boring or plain - no way - it is classy, elegant and timeless!
  • nickkipnickkip Posts: 686
    oh I LOVE it! Don't change a thing.. you have a figure to die for and just look fab!

  • MezzalunaukMezzalunauk Posts: 471
    What chubby arms? You look fab, and I love the dress, the bodice is gorgeous! What will your skirt look like?
  • dawnshaundawnshaun Posts: 744
    Wow, you look fab. You have a teeny waist and from where im looking your arms look very slender and toned- im jealous, you should see my bingo wings ;o)

  • jessicacukjessicacuk Posts: 886
    You look beautiful hun - your dress is really classy and elegant and the colour suits your skintone perfectly. I love it! xx
  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    Beautiful! The bodice gives you a gorgeous shape

    What will the skirt be like?? Also beautiful no doubt xx
  • timtom1timtom1 Posts: 174

    I think that more simple designs are stunning and I love the simplicity of the bodice. My dress has a very similar bodice to yours with a full skirt. I'm going to add some accessories (bracelet, earrings, haircomb, just so there's bit of bling but I just love that look.

    You look wonderful.

  • js_lolajs_lola Posts: 1,811
    You look absolutely stunning! Your dress is beautiful I don't think it's boring at all- the detail on the bodice is fabulous!

  • gilmour_to_begilmour_to_be Posts: 207
    wowee!! you look absolutely stunning! your dress is so beautiful, so so beautiful! and gorgeous figure!! xox
  • shazza21shazza21 Posts: 4,138
    You look stunning it really suits you !!! xx
  • lochwinnoch35lochwinnoch35 Posts: 949
    You look beautiful...your dress is gorgeous and not at all boring...just beautiful...X
  • alydalalydal Posts: 109
    So pretty!

    You really suit the shape and style of the dress, it doesn't look boring at all, very elegant. Love the bolero, I'm having one too for the church service x
  • XiaraukXiarauk Posts: 92
    I think you look gorgeous - is that a Suzanne Neville chantilly? It looks so much like it, if not!
  • zivatonyzivatony Posts: 337
    You look beautiful, so classy, elegant and simple- what are your bridesmaids & h2b, ushers etc wearing? xxx
  • LuciaLeekLuciaLeek Posts: 339
    Love the bodice! What will the skirt look like? It is not boring at all by the way - very elegant! xx
  • shainesukshainesuk Posts: 708
    You look absolutely gorgeous!! Your dress is beautiful and really shows off your lovely figure!! It's not boring or plain at all! xxx
  • Ooooh James Girl you look truly fab, or tidy darts as the Welsh sayimage The dress is beautiful and you look goooorgeous, no chubby arms in sight.

  • JanieKukJanieKuk Posts: 395
    You look amaaaazing! Its a gorgeous bodice and it looks different with or without the bolero - you can have two different looks! What will the skirt look like? I love it the way it is though! As the other girls said, very classy and timeless!
    James'Girl - YAAAAAAY - I'm so glad that you're back in love with your dress!!

    You look STUNNING! Loving the bodice and bolero, very classic & stylish. What will the skirt be like? And as far chubby arms? You're nuts, chick! Not seeing them at all.

  • Looking great James'girl. Liking the bodice, the shape suits you very well (look at that narrow waistline!) how are you having your skirt?

    Don't think it's boring at all. The style is very sophisticated so far and can't wait to see the finished product. x
  • Awwwhhhh girls thank you all so much for your kind words, it all really helps to eliminate the tiny niggling doubts at the back of my mind!

    The sample dress has a silk duchess and Chantilly lace bodice but the skirt is silk taffeta. My skirt will be made from silk duchess, much fuller and have no crossover detail very similar to this

    I'm also having a cathedral length veil edged in Chantilly lace much the same as Autumn Kelly had when she married Peter Phillips last year.

    Xiara, it's not Chantilly by Suzanne Neville but it is very similar I agree, I almost went for that dress! It's actually Magdalena by Chandrika Thomas.

    Zivatony my BM's will be in this dress but in gold with an ivory sash Dresses etc/?action=view&current=Watters5.jpg

    x x

  • Gorgeous, both you and the dress! : ) It was definitely worth holding out for - I know you tried a 'few'!! lol

  • JenJen81ukJenJen81uk Posts: 18
    James'Girl, you are crazy, you and chubby could never be used in the same sentence!! Your dress looks amazing on you like all the other girls have said, no, it is neither plain nor boring, just clasic, timeless and elegant.

    I'm not at the dress choosing stage yet but where is your dress designer based (please say London)? I need to add her to my list of boutiques to visit!!
  • lotte3lotte3 Posts: 378
    You look so beautiful. How exciting. xxx
  • cazfaycazfay Posts: 643
    I absolutely love the bodice and the shape at the top- it's really beautiful image
  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298
    absolutely beautiful - you look gorgeous - love the bodice detail too, not too plain at all - fabulous! image xxx
  • LuluinloveLuluinlove Posts: 275
    So stunning! Not plain at all you look fabulous x
  • Fabulous!!! x
  • Chubbs1ukChubbs1uk Posts: 2,013
    JG - Love the dress! The bodice is so pretty and it gives you a wonderful shape! x
  • HodgeysDorrisHodgeysDorris Posts: 1,207
    You look amazing, and what are you on about fat, you have a stunning figure!!x
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