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I was wanting to write a little report about our fabulous weekend so far in London.

Im playing about on my laptop at the minute, and just couldnt wait to start telling people about what we've got up to!! So far this is just Fridays adventure....Saturday was St. Pauls Cathedral day, but i'll write a report on Tuedsay for that, once we're at home!!


Mum and Dad wanted to come to my work and look at some things before I was finished so we met up and had a little walk about once I was done, as I work just off the Royal Mile. H2b finished work and met us at a really yummy Ethiopian caf????, luckily he remembered the bottle, as its bring your own!! Poor H2b and Dad couldn't drink as they were our designated drivers!

We went back to our house and luckily missed the worst of the traffic, had some more drinkies and then off to bed for an early morning!

On Friday we got a taxi to the airport, and had breakfast there as we had no time in the morning. Once in lovely London, we got a black cab to The Mayfair (Thank goodness h2b had money, Dad forgot he spent it at the airport!!)

It is an absolutely fabulous hotel, and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. H2b and I stayed in the superior rooms (which is the normal room), but Mum and Dad stayed in a superior room, and I would totally think it was worth it if we had saved for going there.

For the rest of Friday we visited different hotels and collected dates that they were free so we could make a quick decision for when we knew all the dates that St Paul's was free. At the Dorchester we looked at the Ballroom, as it's the only space we could all fit into, and although the hotel is absolutely gorgeous it just wasn't what I pictured for our wedding. Im not really into art deco which is way too bad for this area!

I was so excited to see the Ritz, as its such an iconic venue, once again we were only able to see one venue as our party is so big. Although they were so nice, and its beautiful h2b and I didn't think it was 100% right, but it might be that we didn't see it all done up.

H2b and i went for some lunch and i was feeling so down about not falling head over heals for the Ritz, i just thought it was going to be THE ONE, and when it wasnt i went into panic mode..

However....Claridges!!! Wow, I loved it, we think we'll have to use the Ballroom (they need original names!) and the Mirror room, it is so beautiful, all creamy and gold. So it'll be perfect for a wedding as you can add your own colours, whatever they may be! We also some some bridal suits, and once I got chatting to the team there I think ive half planned some ideas for the hen night (a flower masterclass).

Friday was such a lovely day, I actually cried when I saw Claridges, I love it so much, I just kept thinking this is where we are starting our married life!!

I wish I'd taken Mum and Dad with us as I was determined the dates would match up with St Pauls. Im a bit down as I did think the Ritz was going to be the one. Anyway, Mum had been in the Spa and Dad had just zoned out, so I guess we all had a good day anyway!

x x x


  • No one cares. Yawn.
  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    How exciting!! Do you think you'll go for Claridges then??

    It really does look beautiful... Rara had her reception there and it looked amazing!

    Or is the Ritz still in the pic?? Its so exciting picking the venue!! x
  • lochwinnoch35lochwinnoch35 Posts: 949
    image Sounds like you had a fab time...I think when you find the venue you just 'know' it's the one!...a bit like finding the right dress!

    Have you any ideas on dates yet?

  • Sounded like you had a fun weekend. Claridges is such a great wedding venue and well done again for finding 'the one'! image

    Flowermaster class hen do is a lovely idea too!
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