Should I ask for the money?

I get married 1 month tomorrow image

At the very beginning of our planning my dad said he would pay for our cake- the cake was £410

The balance now has to be paid but my dad hasn't offered the money, i don't know if he has forgotten, although i doubt he has.

I feel very awkward asking him, so i was going to send an email. Do you think that would be ok?


  • Chel0506Chel0506 Posts: 628

    Your dad may think that the balance won't need to be paid until the cake is delivered. Have you tried to mention this in passing? Maybe go round for a brew and get onto wedding chat and just start talking about the things left to pay and when to pay them by. Say that the cake maker has been in touch (alongside some others) and that the balance is due.

    Sorry, but I think that if you send an email then your dad may take offense at not being directly asked. Just my opinion - but I think you might be better off coming out with it directly. You don't need any hard feelings this close to the wedding.

    Hope you manage to get this sorted. xx
  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    Yes tell him the bills in, direct, he offered didnt he! Please do not email! x
  • littlewulflittlewulf Posts: 2,061
    I would usually communicate with him via email though. We don't tend to phone each other.

    i also think it would be less awkward if he says he doesn't have the money. i will be annoyed and i won't be able to hide it, I can in an email.
  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    Cant you pop round to see him with your bridal plans/book and give him an update then mention the bills in! Will be harder to fob you off in person! x
  • littlewulflittlewulf Posts: 2,061
    He has absolutely no interest in anything weddingy full stop. I think in person he will yes, yes me but i'll still never see the money!

    My pop is not your average father.
  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    He should not have offered! Email him if thats your usual arrangement. My relationship is very strained with my Dad, so I was surprised when he offered me 3k!

    Your Dad has not said no yet, so wait until the answer until stressing! Im lucky, my mums making my cake!
  • smwallsmwall Posts: 583
    can you send him a copy of the bill in the post im not sure my dad would be chuffed with an email but they all have their own little ways dont they bless them
  • williamsonjukwilliamsonjuk Posts: 577
    Yes - ask him if he's still wants to pay for it, if so your bank details are blah blah and the balance is £410.

    My mum and I email eachother over money matters all the time. Much more efficient.
  • littlewulflittlewulf Posts: 2,061
    I emailed him and he said he gets paid friday and will give it to me then image
  • williamsonjukwilliamsonjuk Posts: 577
    is it the cake on your avatar?
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