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Help: looking at starting a wedding planner business

Hiya Girlies, just wanted your opinions on the following:

1) would you use one?

2) what payment services would you like i.e per hour, percentage of budget etc

3) What would you use one for i.e on day coordination, supplier sourcing etc etc

Thank you

You can also meail me on

[email protected]

If you would like to fill in my marker research questionaire, please email me


  • fizzystickfizzystick Posts: 237
    What im thinking about at the moment is going into setting a buissness up with chair covers, mirrors,vase etc.I have a friend who is a private wedding planner and she says most place have their own in house planners these days so she went down the line of what i just said and is now doing reall well!!Hope this helps and good luck chick!!x
  • niki_stuartniki_stuart Posts: 59
    Where do you get bulk chair covers from and how the hell would you pay for them??
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