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Venue booked - oh and hello!

We got through the confirmation letter for our venue booking today! (was beginning to worry the cheque got lost in the post!). We will be getting married in my home town of Winchester at my (well used to be before moving to london) local church, and the reception will be held at Winchester College. I really wish i could post some pictures! It's so magical and....well...old!!

I just wanted to vent that :\) the only thing i want to organise now is the photographer as i've noticed they get booked up very far in advance...any suggestions?


  • HappyEverAfterx2HappyEverAfterx2 Posts: 4,075
    Yay! Congrats to u! whens the big day?xx
  • JenJen81ukJenJen81uk Posts: 18
    Hi! I'm also a newbie, don't get wed until 2011. Congratulations on booking your venue how exciting!!!!
  • katy_ckaty_c Posts: 432
    The big day will be July 10th a very long way away! I don't want to wish this whole summer and winter away but i am sure it will fly by!
  • tiptop77tiptop77 Posts: 47
    Hi katy_c

    Congratulations! Before you know it your big day will be here, have fun with all the planning.

    I'm also quite new to posting on here, getting married in September this year! Time does fly by when your planning a wedding.


  • Chel0506Chel0506 Posts: 628
    Hi, Congrats on setting a date.

    With regard to photographers I would say to go on any personal recommendations firstly, visit plenty of wedding fairs and then go through your local Yellow Pages. There was about 5 pages worth advertised in my phone book. I then went on every website to look at the styles they had to offer. From that I narrowed it down to 4 who I met.

    Long process, but it meant I got the style of photography I wanted but at a price that I could afford. xx
  • lochwinnoch35lochwinnoch35 Posts: 949
    OOH Congratulations...We are getting married on the same day!

    I have already met around 6 photographers and thought i had found one, untill i saw some gorgeous pics on a wedding report on here...and decided to book her instead (I am still yet to meet her and pay teh deposit mind you!). I found it very hard to find a photographer that i liked and also who's work and albums i liked...i wanted someone i trusted would do a good job and luckily i have found the lady for the job...i think! Personal recommendation certainly mean alot to me and are so very important.

    Good luck planning X

  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    Congrats and welcome!! Have you much organised yet?? x
  • congratulations and welcome..... believe us the time will absolutely fly.... i started with 18 months and now i have exactly 1 month to go today - i get married 26th june!!! yippeee!!! i feel pretty organised, but when i start thinking about it i do panic a little with whats left to do. im sure you'll find this site a source of good advice and support (as i have) but also sometimes a good laugh.

    enjoy your coming months and keep us updated with your progress x x x x (we're all very nosey - ha ha)
  • katy_ckaty_c Posts: 432
    I will probably regret saying this, but i am actually finding things very easy! I bought the one and only dress i tried on, we only viewed one venue and booked it, and the same with the church!

    Bridesmaids and groomsmen chosen, colour scheme sorted, music and photographer a work in progress image

    I am saving all the little things for nearer the time!!
  • Chubbs1ukChubbs1uk Posts: 2,013
    Congratulations Katy and welcome! x
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