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Louboutin sizing - help!

Hi Ladies

I hope you don't mind me crashing the BBB forum as I by no means have a bug budget, however as my dress was such a bargain, I have decided it's the one chance I have to buy expensive shoes and get away with it ;\) !

So I'm treating myself to some Louboutins - woo-hoo!

I just wanted to ask you ladies about the Italian sizing, as Ive been looking on the net, they tend to be 36.5 whereas I am a 36 in regular size (3). I don't think I'm going to order them off the net, will go to the Mount St Boutique, but for you ladies that have visited, do they have many bridal styles for under £400? and do you think it would be hard to get the size I want - sorry for waffling and thanks x


  • NatmoNatmo Posts: 2,099
    I don't have any louboutins so not sure of their sizes

    but in most shoes I am a 6 but I have a few pairs of jimmy choos and gucci shoes and i take a 5 and a half in those

    so I would say they are a bit smaller

    hope that helps
  • lrbpielrbpie Posts: 2,280

    I would say they are normal sized. I am between a 37 and 38 usually and I bought the 37.5 in Louboutins. So pretty normal. They are quite narrow though so if you have wide feet maybe a half size up.

    I suspect Browns Bride may have a better selection of bridal styles than the Mount St boutique.

  • LillaukLillauk Posts: 61
    Hi there,

    I would say they are average size but as mentioned previously quite narrow shoes. I went to the Mount Str store in early April and they had lots of different styles almost all available in my size but then went a few weeks later and the options were massively reduced! Browns Bride have a few styles as well but not the whole range. I think most shoes are around £400 but not sure about all the different styles.

    Hope this helps. Good luck and happy shoe shopping!!


  • Thanks for your advice ladies, it is much appreciated image
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