FAO Hodgeysdorris - directions to CL store needed!

I need your help! I'm going to London tomorrow afternoon and I wanted to stop by the CL store on Mount St - I remember you gave some really good directions on another thread and now I can't find them!

Pretty please can you tell me them again?

Thank u!

Sorry if I sound a bit hyper - I have my first dress fitting tomorrow and am very excited!



  • HodgeysDorrisHodgeysDorris Posts: 1,207
    Oooo how exciting!! i am yet to go dress shopping as am putting it off till September... image

    Directions = 5mins walk max image

    Bond street station immediatly turn (L) onto Davis St then take the (1st R) onto Brooke St and keep walking you will walk into Grovsner Square (lots of hotels) as soon as you reach it keep walking straight onto Carlos Place and then (2nd R) onto Mount Street, Louboutin is a 2min walk down the road on the right, and you cant miss the huge glass front filled with shoes!! image

    Hope they make sense?!

    Enjoy.. Xxx

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  • Hahahaha brilliant directions Hodgeysdorris, I'll make use of them when I visit the Mount Street store on Friday!

    Penny_Lane, good luck with your fitting tomorrow and do report back on which shoes you choose!! x x
  • Hazel1981Hazel1981 Posts: 178
    Thank you so much for your directions and sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! Well I didn't actually get a chance to go to the store (boo-hoo!) as the fittings were all delayed in Browns so that kind of ruined my plans. But I am going back in a few weeks so I will definitely be using your directions then, thank u!

    At the moment I have the armadillos in ivory but I'm just greedy and want to have another pair....

    My dress fitting went well which was a relief - I'll post some pics later!

  • lotte3lotte3 Posts: 378
    Girls I just picked up 2 pairs of CL's in the Outnet sale today. Gorgeous pair of mary janes (eventa 100) and some really cute orange wedges (un vollier zeppa sandals) !!!! I am kidding myself that I can buy 2 pairs as they were half price and it is my birthday on Saturday!

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