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Veil / Hair Comb Advice Needed Please!

OK, Ladies. Apologies in advance for this slightly dense question!!

I have medium long hair which I will be wearing in a half up / half down style:

My question is, if I have a veil (not sure on this yet) what do I do about covering up the comb to which the veil is attached? I would wear a veil on the middle back of my head where the front section of my hair which has been pulled up will be secured. (Hope that makes sense - tried and failed to attach photo).

So should I get another decorative comb or maybe crystal hair pins to go over over the top? I will take the veil off before the dinner so would prefer to have something which can stay in my hair once the veil comes off.

Any help greatly appreciated - have been pondering this all day today and really need to get some work done!!


  • Hi nevyestka, I don't know what your veil comb is like but the majority I have seen are able to be completely hidden in the hair so all that will show is the ivory veil material that covers the top of the comb. I have explained it really badly but I have included some pictures so you get an idea of what I mean! I'm guessing that you won't be having a tiara? If not then some crystal hair pins or a hair comb would look fab and could be left in the hair once the veil has been removed x x

    James'Girl, thank you, that's really helpful and all makes perfect sense!

    I haven't bought the veil yet - which is probably why I'm confused! I couldn't remember what the comb was like on the veil I tried on in the shop.

    No tiara but I would like some sparkle in my hair!

  • LizyukLizyuk Posts: 117
    Hi there,

    I didn't go for a tiara but I bought a hair wire from Dolecka (pearls and vintage buttons - sounds funny but is lovely) which is v light and is going to be pinned in front of my veil so that when the veil comes off I still have something in my hair. That or a pretty comb would be nice.

    Lizy x
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