Helping plan mates Honeymoon In KL/Langkawi and S'pore!

Hello Ladies!

Now some of you may remember me and know I have already done the ding and the 'moon.

I am still lurking in the shadows of YAYW and love reading your posts and helping wherever I can.

Marriage Rocks! It's all worth the tears and tantrums!!

Now I need some help myself - again! My friend is off on her honeymoon in the middle of June (Lucky mare!) and her and her hubby will be in ...

Kuala Lumpur for 3 full days

Langkawi for 10 full days

and Singapore for 2 full days

It's all booked but she has been so busy planning the 'ding - she's not had time to research the 'moon! Said I would help out.

Do any of you lovelies have any tips, must dos, restaurants, things to see, etc from these amazing destinations?

Look forward to hearing from you soon, and enjoy the rest of the planning



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  • vw_familyvw_family Posts: 992
    Oh my goodness, I love Langkawi. It is such a beautiful island and my h2b proposed there so special memories!

    There are 3 amazing hotels there, the Datai, the Andaman and the Four Seasons. The Four Seasons is amazing but the location is poor. The Datai would get my vote any day!

    Things to do:

    *There is a crazy cable car ride (breath taking) which climbs up to 700m and gives views across to Thailand. The last time I was there they were also constructing a suspension bridge which should be open now too (spans the rainforest) and would be worth a visit.

    *There are quite a few trips around the geopark (fish farms, seeing the eagles, a crocodile rescue centre) and day trips over to Thailand can be easily arranged.

    3 days in KL would be just enough to go up the KL tower (fantastic restaurant), cross the walkway of the Petronas towers and get in a hefty bit of shopping. Visiting China Town is also a must but is best at night. There is a Hindu temple just outside the main city which is well worth a visit. I can't remember the name unfortunately.

    I'm not a big Singapore fan so someone else might be better for advice on there. Initially, Sentosa, the Zoo/ night safari and the obvious Orchard Road (shopping) and Raffles (Singapore Sling and superb food) spring to mind.

    I hope this helps, VW x

  • vw_familyvw_family Posts: 992
    Sorry I've just re-read that, and I'm babbling quite a bit. Sorry!
  • charleygirl76charleygirl76 Posts: 2,730
    ooo Thanks vw-family.

    I will get googling those suggestions.

    Any more from you ladies who like to travel??

  • sdasilvauksdasilvauk Posts: 3,050
    she must stay at the Datai- no question. the other two pale into comparison. Bon Ton resort for dinner one night in langkawi too. And do the cab;le car trip.

    As for Singapore, the botanical gardens are amazing, have gorgeous orchid area and really peaceful in the mayhem of the town. Hotels i would suggest the Fullerton or Raffles. The Fullerton has a great bar and is cheaper than Raffles. However go tot he latter for the original singapore sling in the bar! brilliant place.

    For food there was something in the Times about where to eat in Singapore. I'll get you the link!

    If she is adventurous then Newton Circus hawker centre is great for dinner one night!! amazing food- chilli stingray was incredible. all hygeinic too.
  • charleygirl76charleygirl76 Posts: 2,730
    Ohh thanks Boodles! Just what I need. I'll have some fun going through the times link and the other top tips.

    At this rate I am going to wish I was going myself! ha ha

    Thanks again - and don't be shy with those SE Asian tips - keep them coming!!

    C x

  • AlexFinnAlexFinn Posts: 1,646
    Hey Charleygirl, I was hoping to see you back on here. You may remember a while ago we were discussing honeymoons in Hawaii and we have booked to stay at the Halekulani.

    I was reading in Lonely planet the other day that Turtle Bay area has the best snorkelling/diving sites. H2B and I are planning on hiring a car and just wondered what the distance is like between the Halekulani and Turtle Bay? I know you have been to both.

    Sorry to crash your thread, just pleased to see you on here! xxx

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  • dee31ukdee31uk Posts: 126
    Hi girls,

    I grew up in KL and go back every year as it still feels like home. So a few things to do while there:

    For a truly fantastic bar visit the Luna bar at night-book a table-it's in the Pacific Regency Hotel in the city centre and basically overlooks the whole city at night. Similarly there is also Sky bar in the Traders Hotel but slightly more snobby-no sandals for men. They are very loungey style and really are great.

    The nightlife in KL is very good but avoid the sleazy bars such as Beach Bar, which is full of single expat men. But I hear Zouk is a very popular bar/club.

    I agree visit Chinatown at night for a feel of old KL. It's a definite site and there are many good places to eat if you're not put off by the Hawker style.

    When it comes to dining KL is fantastic for every cuisine. Prego is a wonderful Italian restaurant in the Westin Hotel, which is next to the Ritz and is in Bukit Bintang which is again city centre. Another great restaurant is Lai Po Heen in Mandarin Oriental (next door to KLCC)-this is truly wonderful chinese food not cheap mind. All the hotels have a wonderful restaurants you can't really go wrong. The Third Floor restaurant in the Marriott Hotel is definite fine dining. The Hilton hotel also has a wide choice of restaurants. The list could go on...

    Any of these hotels are good for staying in and are all 5*

    A list of the most central ones are:

    Traders Hotel

    Mandarin Oriental


    The Westin


    The Ritz

    Marriott Hotel

    etc etc-tripadvisor is always good

    For cheaper food KLCC (one of the biggest shopping centres and right next to the Petronas Twin Towers) has lots of restaurants on the top floor. It also a must for designer and high street shopping.

    The Pavilion in Bukit Bintang is the newest and most stylish shopping centre-it is massive and has all the designer boutiques and many restaurants. It is a must for shopping and very chic.

    Bon Ton has a restaurant in KL as well as a sister restaurant called Top Hat-they always get highly rated but it has been a while since I have been.

    The hindu temple outside the city that was previously mentioned is called Batu Caves-you will get to see many monkeys up close. It is worth a visit but you won't be able to stay long as there isn't much to do unless you want to do one of the cave exploring expeditions (I haven't done this).

    If you are adventurous and like the rainforest then Taman Negara is the oldest rainforest in the world and there are many expeditions. Similarly you can go on expeditions where you spend the day riding etc with elephants-I am not brave enough to do these! If you are there for 3 days though there may not be time.

    I have not been to Langkawai but I hear very good things about the Datai (check Tripadvisor).

    Singapore is great for shopping and eating-much more expensive than KL. For an outing Sentosa is a nice day out and has a lovely aquarium and cable car ride. I can't really recommend anything else as I haven't been in such a long time.

    Hope this helps! Good luck x

  • charleygirl76charleygirl76 Posts: 2,730
    Hi again Lola.

    There are about 4 main highways on Oahu, and easy to drive around. Waikiki/Hono- TB is about 50min to an hour if you drive straight up the middle and then hit the coastal roads in the north and head East. Traffic should not be a problem in the morning as you will be going against the influx into the city.

    The coastal route along the East of the island is really cool to drive too- but will take about 3-31/2 hours if stopping to take in the views, and single carriageway most of the way ...etc .

    I'd go up the middle first thing - then snorkel - then come back via the coast. Get the Honolulu Lonely Planet as it covers the whole of Oahu and was like our bible while out there. The hire cars can come with sat nav- but so easy to drive. Even I got us places without getting lost! If you have any Qs please email me - could witter on about where to go on Oahu forever! xx

    and dee-31! Thank you so much for the locals point of view. Def' helpful. Thanks again - and can see I am going to be busy compiling this all for my friend!

    Please keep the info coming

    C xx

    A jealous wifey who wishes she could do her amazing honeymoon all over again!

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