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Is there anyone else planning to have one of these?

I'm thinking of ordering from M&S as they have options of both sponge and fruit, but the thing is they're on boards and i didn't want the "raised" look. I was hoping to have them sitting directly on each other but i'm not sure if that's possible.

Has anyone any experience of working with these cakes?


  • lh466lh466 Posts: 263
    I'm planning on M&S too, apparantly you can't have fruit on top of sponge as it's too heavy so best to have fruit as your bottom layer and sponge above. You can put them on pillars or directly on top of each other but should use dowels, which you can get from M&S. I think these are like wooden rods that go between the cakes to stop them moving around.
  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239
    We had the 3 tier cake from M&S, but put them on a stand that our venue supplied, as I didn't want pillars and we needed something with a bit of height.

    Have you looked at the stacked cakes from M&S, they are already stacked and I believe that the romantic pearl cake can be a combination of flavours. Alternativley you could order the cake in one flavour and then order cutting bars (this is what we did to be able to offer choc sponge, vanilla sponge and fruit cake) x
  • Emma_babs1Emma_babs1 Posts: 1,119
    Thanks for this, we are planning the same thing and to be honest I had not even thought about whether or not they could be stacked I just presumed they could be!!!

  • Jules1975ukJules1975uk Posts: 98

    Here's a pic of our M&S cake. It was all sponge. It was yummy.

  • fluffy13ukfluffy13uk Posts: 37
    Jules1975 that cake looks amazing I love your toppers.
  • TraskeyTraskey Posts: 151
    I have also seen that Asda are offering 3 sizes but they are all fruit. The largest was about £13 and the others were £8 and £6 I think. Someone on the board has tried them in another thread and said they were nice. I looked at them today and they looked fine to me. If you are having a large wedding though you would probably need to create 2 cakes to feed everyone.
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