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I love my dad!! Beauford for me

Hi I am keeping this a secret until the wedding!! But I had to tell someone so it was you lucky ladies!!

We are only getting one car and the rest of the wedding party are being driven by friends of the family, so I was looking at rolls royces and things as they are gorgeous but cheaper than the other cars! BUT we went up to see these cars on monday night and the owner had just finished a new BEAUFORD!! It is all silver and shiny and stunning and has only done 4 weddings!! It is not vene up on his website yet. We are getting the car for the full day for £220!!! I am so chuffed, this is from the church, to the recpetion meal and then on to the nighttime reception - all in different venues!! okay that is my little speil over just had to tell someone, before I burst! lol



  • UniqueStarUniqueStar Posts: 1,180
    great price and a stunning car. well done. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that mine hasn't already been booked. Sent of booking form at the weekend, so just waiting to hear. We are also only having the one car as it's all the budget will allow... actually, I'm busy tweeking the savings etc as I fell in love with an american Hot Rod in the perfect colour to match our bridesmaids.
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