I'm looking for a new make-up. I'm currenty using the chanel range but it's just not lasting at all. Given an hour or so I'm looking washed out as patchy. So my question to you is, what would you reccomend for longevity? I have pretty good skin bar a few blemishs at the time of the month. I'm sick of having to take my make-up bag out with me on a night out.

Any advice would be great.



  • louisa_petaislouisa_petais Posts: 458
    Have you tried using a primer? They are supposed to make any make-up last longer.

    I haven't tried a foundation primer but I do use a fantastic eye base by Laura Mercier which makes eyeshadow (any brand) stay put the whole day.

    In terms of foundation I find Dior 'Forever' really good in terms of staying power.

    Hope that helps a bit

  • cla1re1988cla1re1988 Posts: 131
    Yeah have been useing a primer. Well clinique city block so perhaps I need to get a better one.

    Thats for that.image
  • SamanthaJukSamanthaJuk Posts: 110
    I've just changed to MAC & have been really impressed. I have been using a liquid foundation applied with a brush then set with a little powder.

    Was really please when I went in the shop as the lady asked exactly how I liked my make up to look (matt/ shimmer etc) before making up my whole face. xx
  • lotte3lotte3 Posts: 378
    Now I know I always bang on about this, but PLEASE try Giorgio Armani's make up range. I am a total convert and addict! They stock it in Selfridges and Harvey Nicks. They do a fab primer, several different weights of foundation and then this fab thing called face fabric which goes over the top. I use the face fabrice for every day at work as a sort of tinted moisturiser but it doesn't have the normal shine that some tinted moisturisers have and I find quite unforgiving.

    I hope you enjoy!
  • cla1re1988cla1re1988 Posts: 131
    I don't think they have a stockist in sunny scotland. Booo to that.

  • lotte3lotte3 Posts: 378
    Oh that is pants........have you tried ringing Selfridges to double check?
  • cla1re1988cla1re1988 Posts: 131
    I checked the gorgio armani website and they only stock it in london and birmingham. We have a harvey nichols in edinburgh but it seems as though they don't stock it. Evidently my alibaster scottish skin doesn't need their make-up. May just go back to mac or stalk run the beauty depatment of john lewis/ house of frasers.
  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    I'm a big Mac fan so definitely try that!! I find it generaly lasts quite well.. If you're looking for a good primer I'd recommend Laura Mercier or Smashbox

  • XiaraukXiarauk Posts: 92
    Smashbox's Photo Finish primer is legendary and makes liquid foundations just glide on over the top.

    Estee Lauder's DoubleWear foundation is amazing at staying put. They give you hefty samples on request too, easily enough for two full-face applications, so you can see how you get on with it at home.
  • GoodBones9354GoodBones9354 Posts: 110
    The Selfridges at the Trafford Centre in Manchester also sell Giorgio Armani
  • Hi I absolutely love the La Prairie Caviar Foundation, it is beautiful and people always comment on how lovely my skin looks when it is on, it lasts so long and feels so great on. Lasts all day too. x
  • chellexukchellexuk Posts: 285
    Someone recently recommended Bare Minerals to me - I haven't had a chance to try it but if you're trying a few, it might be worth trying it - the girl who recommended it is a product junky & always looks amazing ... she said it looks even better than the Smashbox Primer and that's a fab product on ... (that's the US site but ..)

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    Another Smashbox primer fan here! It really does make the difference in getting foundation to stay put all day.

    Foundation-wise I love Prescriptives Custom blend. Also have very pale skin and it's blended exactly to my skin colour.

  • GoodBones9354GoodBones9354 Posts: 110
    Be aware that Bare Minerals gives you a slight sheen, so you can look a bit greasy in pictures.

    Everybody be ware btw. Some foundations with SPF in will give you a white glow in pictures, so you look slightly ghost face. Take pictures of your skin with your new foundation prior to the wedding to make sure you won't get a white look.
  • Got to be Laura Mercier primer I much prefer it to smashbox which I have also tried, there are 2 versions one if you tend to get shiney (its called hydrating) and another one for normal skin types I use that one and its great. And then for foundation it has to be clinique super balanced. You will never have to reapply have even crashed out in full makeup and woken up with it still in place.
  • cla1re1988cla1re1988 Posts: 131
    I think what I have learned from you lovely ladies is that i need a decent primer. I still have half a bottle of my normal chanel foundation s will see that through to the end with a primer and then get a new foundation. I think my skin has changed since having my daughter so perhaps need to change my products.
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