Just booked....

Kit at Slap artists for my wedding day hair and make-up also my 3 bridesmaids and tentatively my mother.

I remember there being a lot of great reviews about her on here but I'd love to hear them again!? ;\)

Got my first florist appointment on Saturday too...ooo...its all coming together ladies but I do think I am being a bit too organised!!

Has anyone else booked anything exciting this week?



  • Yay, how exciting. You're super organised you put me to shame!!

  • Chubbs1ukChubbs1uk Posts: 2,013
    Oh don't! I think I might be bordering on bridezilla - just a quiet one! image

    Have you bought the suit yet?!

    I am going to Angels by the way as I had already booked the appointment when I saw you but I am also going to have a look across the road at the other place you told me about!

  • EandBabyEandBaby Posts: 354
    Snap! I sorted my hair and make up out today too! I had fully intended to do it myself (I only have very short hair so thought it was pointless getting someone to do it when I can't do much with it anyway!) but decided it may add to much stress to the day, so have gone ahead and booked someone - have met with her - liked her ideas, but am waiting until August for my hair trial.

    Oh...and I also bought some fab candlesticks from Cox&Cox for the reception tables. http://www.coxandcox.co.uk/products/mercury-silvered-candlesticks/in/decorative-home

    Feels like I've been haemorrhaging money recently - oops!!!
  • If you're now you definitely will be nearer the time! I told my mum yesterday that if my step father insists on wearing a blue shirt for the ceremony he wont be giving me away - what have I turned into?!

    The answer to your question is... NO! It's seriously stressing me out I spent the whole day doing wedding stuff yesterday and sending the wedding planner emails, I'm beginning to hate it. I feel so stressed out and John just keeps saying 'don't worry we'll get a suit at weekend if not next weekend'!! Like I haven't got anything better to do than go suit shopping a week before we get married. Im pulling my hair literally as I write this email, haha.

    Definitely go the the other place it's right next to the church by St Mary's pre-school. It might also be worth trying Paula Pryke whilst you're in the area?

    Im sorry to have invaded you're thread : (


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  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    Fantastic news! You are super organised image

    I actually need to double check about my hair and make up appointments...

    Exciting news about the florist!!! I love flowers- could talk about them all day lol!! Have you any idea of what you want yet?

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    Well done on your booking, I've heard great things about Kit. I think I am all done with the booking of the main things with 85 days to go, just got the little bits to finalise.

    I love flowers too, our florist has sent us through lots of options so we just have to go in nearer the time make the final choices.

    Having a bit of a panic though, my dress fitting is next week and I tried a dress on I was planning to wear to a friends wedding at the weekend and I couldn't do it up-nowhere near! Also my skin is a disaster so I am giving up on the Dermalogica, it's not for me!

    Anyway enough of my moaning, I also had fun making up my hen party gift bags yesterday. xxx

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  • Chubbs1ukChubbs1uk Posts: 2,013
    MandE - I love those candlesticks, they are lovely. Well done on your booking too. I think even if you could do your own hair and make-up its nice to be pampered on the day. I am really looking forward to the getting ready with the girls bit!

    LVB - J is so laid back, its so funny! Drag him kicking and screaming this weekend! I will def have a look out for the other place and Paula Pryke if I have time....will let you know.

    MissAnnie - I am thinking of going for tightly packed silver boxes with pink roses for the tables and then big arrangements with hydrangas for the ceremony room but am really open to ideas at the moment....I just need modern though or they won't work with the venue.

    Lola09 - 85 days!! You must be getting excited. I love the idea of the Hen bags - what did you put in them?

  • Im not sure if I'll be able to Im working tomorrow and it's John's birthday this weekend. We were thinking of making the most of this glorious weather and take Georgia to to the seaside for the day. I'll probably sort it out on my own on Monday!

    I've just remembered it's called Dansk flowers!

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