Anyone been to...

Johanna Hehir? thinking of going for an appt but wanted some feedback on the staff/ dresses / anyone's experience there, having researched I seem to want an appointment with everyone in London so need to narrow it down somewhat! also posted this in wedding fashion so sorry for the double post!

thanks ladies... G


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    One of the girls at work got her dress there, and it was lovely in the pics but very very expensive and not anything that you couldn't get anywhere else in terms of style and quality IMO. Also she is very tall and slim and they told her she needed to lose some weight from specific areas, which was really offensive and highly unrealistic - if you could choose where you lost weight from, my life would be soooooo much easier! And anyway, she is very slim indeed and had no plans or need to lose anything!
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    Thanks emsyj - seems like JH isn't mentioned much on here so its good to get some feedback!!

    how rude to tell ANYONE to lose weight! its not anyone elses business!! although - I'd like some weight off my hips.. perhaps they could wave their magic wand and make it happen ...image
  • emsyjemsyj Posts: 3,807
    I'd like some weight off my hips.. perhaps they could wave their magic wand and make it happen ...image

    Lol, if they can then let me know, I've got a stone to get rid of!!!

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    I went to Johanna Hehir and the sales assistant was LOVELY (blonde girl), made me want to get the dress from her just because she was so nice!

    The male half of the design team was there too though and he did seem a bit snooty. I could imagine him telling someone to lose weight.

    I tried on some lovely dresses - I have a very very pear-shaped figure and am an arm-phobic and the saleslady was full of suggestions to add straps/sleeves/lace, tweak the shape etc.

    They offer a 'cut to fit' service for about £500 more than the off-the-peg, which is a pretty good deal if your measurements are static and you want a dress as-is (it's basically made to measure but using their standard pattern so you can't tweak the design at all). But I would've needed a made-to-measure because I wanted to add sleeves and that doubled the price!

    I did like them and their dresses though, plus it introduced me to the idea of LACE - have ended up dripping in beaded french lace which I would never have considered before.

    In all I'd say worth a look - much better than Ana Cristasche who were just useless IMO.

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    Thanks for the info xiara.... (what do boys know anyway...!!) x
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