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They want more money!!! Advice please!

I bought my dress 2 weeks ago, and paid a deposit of £115, the shop I bought it from and I had agreed that I could pay the dress off monthly £115 per month untill March, which is when my dress would be coming in I get married end of May next year.

I recieved the payment schedule through last week, which was 9 sheets of paper with £117.87 (thats a whole other chapter) and the last page said that I with the last payment I would have to pay an extra £147.87 for insurances and bank charges??? WTH. oh and £25 admin fees as well as £117.87

None of this was explained to me when I signed the invoice, when I bought the dress and before that when I discussed the payment plan with her!

I emailed them about it with quite a few questions like why had it gone up to £177.87pm and what was the £147.87 for as it seemed rediculous and they had never explained or even mentioned extra charges, she replied and hasn't explained anything apart from £8.50's worth which were aparently cheque charges! Its all very frustrating.

I have already phoned around and found another shop that will do a payment plan and will not whack on extra charges! I told them about it and they were shocked I also told them the shop name and she said this wasn't the first time that I have heard this.

Sorry its long has anyone got any advice? I paid my deposit by credit card but I am worried because the T&C's say that all orders have to be paid in full! I really dont want to get my dress from them now because of all this

What do I do?? imageimage


  • My word! thats quite bad! they never explained any of this so therefore i dont see how you can be asked to pay it. i assume you read the contract and T&Cs before you signed and if none of this was mentioned then id kick up a stink and just say there is no way you are going to pay it. claim the money back off your credit card company & tell them to shove it!

    what a nightmare!
  • gemst84gemst84 Posts: 6,961
    how much was your dress hun?

  • lexie145lexie145 Posts: 39
    i think instead of emailing them you should go and have a chat with them especially if this is your dream dress im not sure how much you have paid already or if you have just only paid the deposit if so maybe consider giving them no more money and look elsewhere ive never heard of any extra charges being added maybe on the initial deposit as it was by card but that could only be about £2.50 at the most surely !

    i hope you manage to sort it out good luck x
  • Hi

    Thanks for your replys

    Mrs-S-to-be! - hopefully im going to tell them to shove it (lol) I cant continue to buy my dress from a shop who wants to do this to me, yes read the t&c's and it mentions nothing about credit charges nothing even relevant to it, it was just sprung upon me! Going to call the credit card on Monday.

    delight - my dress was £1150 but before that she said it was £1100, I have an answer phone message from her saying its £1100, then one day I spoke to her and she couldn't remember the price and asked me and I couldn't remember but thought it was around £1150, actually that was when we were talking about the payment plan! but know she says that she only said that as a guide, but she never because I still have the message on my answer phone

    mojo123 - I called her yesterday and she said she would call me back when she had 'dug' out my file, she never called!! I even said I want to make a payment and she still didn't call.

    I did pay a credit card charge on my deposit which was 2.5% or something I have only paid £117.87 and quite willing to loose it if I have to and because I paid by credit card Im calling them monday to see what they can do, with all the other little problems it just doesn't seem right

    the other shop I have found seem lovely too, and I have just called them for a bit of advice on it too xxx
  • gemst84gemst84 Posts: 6,961
    ok i have just sat and done some sums and it looks like they could have added 15% VAT onto it.ask them if this is the case?

  • I asked them what it was for and she said it was bank charges and insurances?? what ever that is supposed to be. I asked her to tell me what they were and all she would/could explain was £0.85 per cheque so thats £8.50, which is funny because I told them I would pay by debit card, the invoice also says £1150 including VAT.

    Nothing ssem sto be adding up with them


  • gemst84gemst84 Posts: 6,961
    then go in and see them face to face.Take your payment plan with you and a calculator to verify if what they say to you works out.speak to the owner/manager of the shop and not an assistant.print out the email you got aswell and take it with you.

  • NatmoNatmo Posts: 2,099
    can you stop the payment?

    and they sound well dodgy

    if you lost the deposit would it work out cheaper to get the dress from the other shop?

  • MrsSCMrsSC Posts: 106
    Sounds all wrong to me I'd check it our with these guys they will be able to tell you your rights

    and get everything in writing!
  • I think I may have to on Monday, I have been speaking to the manager/owner, its an independant store.

    I really really dont want to have my dress from them now

  • Speaking to my credit card company monday, called today but the people i need to speak to are not there, I would actually happily pay more now than use them.

    Thanks for the link ksc2b

  • gemst84gemst84 Posts: 6,961
    if its the manager pissing you about then that aint good.i think it would be best to either get your deposit back or lose it and go elsewhere?

    what dress have you ordered hun?

  • Yeah I have spoken to another shop and have told them whats happened and they explained verything to me in full and said that what this shop has done is very naughty, they can get my dress they are getting back to me with a price as they dont stock that particular dress but will get it in for me

    Going to try and get deposit back from them if not then I will claim through the credit card, If I cant do that then I will just lose the deposit, Im not giving that shop another penny. Once its sorted I shall name as i have been told this is not the first time.

    Ordered a Blue by Enzoani dress from the 2008 range Accra, its my avatar, I really love it, tried it on so many times now

  • NatmoNatmo Posts: 2,099
    glad your getting it sorted

    that shop sound shocking

    I would so report them
  • NCooper1981NCooper1981 Posts: 102
    MrsSykes - that's awful, really truly awful!! I think you're well within your rights to demand this all back, as you're right, they've never given you proper T&Cs with full details.... Kick up a stink and get as much cash back as you're able.

    Name and shame - yep.

    PS - Your dress is stunning! It's really beautiful.

    Please let us know how you get on Monday....
  • ceryssamuelceryssamuel Posts: 167
    I agree, if it is not mentioned in their t&c's on your invoice then go back to them cancel the order and ask for your money back. If you get a no visit your local council office and speak with a trading standards officer who will then investigate your complaint.

    Hope you get your money back!!
  • Drama over, spoke to her last night, she called me and its seems I dont have to pay an extra £147 that was a total for something for the final payment, so it just looks like its some calculation mistakes and a badly worded letter/payment schedule, and the price has been reduced back down to the £115, which was her mistake she looked at my deposit reciept, because i had only paid a 10% deposit and was making 10 payments in total, and didn't realise that I paid by credit card so there was an extra charge on top, but not for the rest of the payments, because they will be by cheque/debit card.

    Im glad its sorted though, and thankyou for all your help & support ladies

    Yay I still get my dream dress

  • PikelettePikelette Posts: 1,096
    I'd still get all this down in writing though because at the moment your agreement is very wrong and if it isn't changed you could be held to it. I hate to sound pessimistic but I'd be cautious about anyone running a business with such a wobbly grasp on how to calculate things!
  • Hi Pikelet

    They are resending the payment schedule, and I have the original invoice with all the correct monies owed
  • PikelettePikelette Posts: 1,096
    A happy ending all round!
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