How much should wedding cars cost?!?!?!?!

I'm realy confused coz some places are saying about £150 and others are a heck of alot more and on our budget of £5000 I can't really afford too much!!

I was hoping to get 2 cars for about £200 is that realistic??? or am I dreaming???

Also if anybody knows of any reliable car hire places in derby could they let me know about them??

Thanks guys x


  • H1605H1605 Posts: 15
    Hi, i had this same problem so i ended up lookng in the yellow pages for executive car hire / private car hire, some are taxi firms but have nice cars and reasonable prices. I now have 2 silver mercs all day for 300, and they'll decorate them, is worth looking at non-wedding cars for a bargin! All the best, Hxxx
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    I think that it's a bit over optimistic hoping to get 2 cars for £200, but never say never.

    Lowest price I've seen is £180, which was for a new Mercedes (don't know the type) but think that it would be cheaper if you got more than 1 car.

    Suppose it depends on what type of car you're going for and the overheads of the company.

    What sort of car are you looking for?

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    Hiya, I'm in Chesterfield so not a million miles away from you.

    We are using - I think - a Jag MKII which is going to cost £225. This will only be big enough for me and my dad and then me and h2b. I'd rather spend spare money on our honeymoon or food and drink so my bms are travelling in my sisters boyfs car - he's got a lovely big Audi and h2b is walking to church, although he was going to use his dad's Merc.

    There's another firm up here though that do flowers and cars and I think for just under £500 you get your bouquet, two corsages, special buttonholes for the groom and best man, six buttonholes and bouquets for two bms and the use of either their Daimler or huuuuuuge Rolls Royce.

    Have you thought that maybe you could just have the one car and it could make two trips? Every car hire firm has offered that to us.

    In the everyday world two hundred pounds is a lot of money for a car to pick you up and drop you off so you stick by your budget and haggle!!

    Good luck with it ;\)

  • westergillewestergille Posts: 323
    We're paying £125 for a Chrysler car. That includes use of it for 3 hours, chauffeur, decoration and champagne. But we will only be using it for about three-quarters of an hour as the church is only about half a mile from H2b's parents' house and my parents' house and the reception is in the church hall so we don't need it after the ceremony.

    I think you should look for executive car hire - that way you'll hopefully find luxury cars with room for your dress and a chauffeur driving without suffering the wedding mark-up.
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    We have got 2 cars booked. My wedding car is an vintage replica of the Ford Model A. Its a very popular landaulette in burgandy & cream. The hood can be lowered to. I am paying £395 for this car. This is quite pricey as i think in total i will only be in it for about half hour. It is a beautiful car though!

    The 2nd car i have booked is a mercedes. This car is for my mum and bridesmaids. Its cost £160.

    I saw a thread that another b2b had done. She knew someone that had an old vintage car and asked the owner if they would consider driving her to the church etc. The owner was doing it for a bargain £20.

    My uncle had a classic car - it was lovely however he died last year and my aunt couldnt drive so it was sold.

    Do you know of anyone that may have a car you could borrow for the day, whether its an old classic or a modern new bmw or merc etc. It could save you a lot of money. Wish i had of thought about that before putting all my deposits down, haha.x
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    I've got 2 cars booked, an american bauford and a daimler limosine. The beuaford can only sit 2 peolpe so thats for me and dad then me and then hubby!

    The daimler can sit 7 people and they're doing 2 trips for us so groom and ushers can go in a car too. The provide flowers and ribbons to match your scheme and also give you a gift basket and a bottle of champers to have in the car.

    The cost however is £550 for both and thats only because my mam knows the woman who owns the company! Normally the cars are £350 each.

    I do love them though. Gulp I cringe evry time I think about money!
  • I think that you could do it on £200.00 if you didnt want anything to special. Im on a budget of £5000.00 aswell and im getting 3 cars for 595
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    I was quoted 800 for two vintage cars, plus petrol if a long way from where they're based (was pre venue booking).

    but am probably going to find a nice black cab.
  • dg8da01dg8da01 Posts: 208
    Have just got a quote for a one-way trip from my flat to the ceremony (4 miles) for £45 for a Mercedes car and people carrier. Didn't actually tell them it was for a wedding...may ask them if we can put some ribbon on after accepting the quote, but if they "suddenly" decide to up the cost to £200, I'll be most annoyed.

    Also, I could get 2 "weddinged up" black cabs for £200 for the same distance, one way - but got miffed at paying almost 10x the normal fare...again, I asked if we could put ribbons on ourselves, but oddly haven't heard back.

    ap x
  • Donna1981Donna1981 Posts: 261
    I'm paying £175 for a Rolls Royce and £120 for a Mercedes for the bm and mob. This was very competitive. I did get a quote for a limo for £180 too which seemed reasonable.
  • JnutmanJnutman Posts: 561
    Hi there

    Were paying £460 for a beauford tourer for me and my dad to go to the church and for me and my partner back to go back to the reception and a old fashioned 7 seater mercedes for groom and bestman etc then to come back and pick up bms and mam.

  • mrsS1258mrsS1258 Posts: 459
    We are paying (wait for it) for our wedding car, a 1932 Rolls Royce ...... a whooping £595!!!!!!!! Unfortunately there are no other companies around here who do those kind of cars, and had I have known before I booked photographer etc then I could have got a much cheaper deal!!
  • carmitagecarmitage Posts: 361

    we are paying £200 for a Rolly royce & £150 for a mercedes, they said that is the price exclusive of miles we do so they will be making a few trips, i was happy with this it seemed reasonable.
  • Hi we are paying £325 for a old Rolls too, this includes champagne for the trip aswell... thought this was reasonable for the area where we live and was competitive. Just a thought, perhaps have a look on some vintage car sites and get on a forum to see if some people might want to offer their cars. You never know... hadnt thought of this but alot of people are proud of their vintage cars and probably dont think about doing weddings so might be worth a try...
  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239

    We are paying £350 for a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. I would recommend shopping around as I was quoted a lot more by several companies and then extra for petrol as we further out than they usually travel. We also get half a bottle of champagne for the journey, ribbons and flowers in my colour scheme and the use of white umbrellas if it rains.
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    We are paying £65 for a black taxi- although its taken a lot of work to find- quotes ranged up to £550 ! seems silly even at that the reduced price as we live next to the church and only travelling 4 miles to the reception.

    The car is really not that important to us, and one area I was happy to compromise on.
  • we're looking at a new bentley at £450 for 4 hours! Does seem crazy - but its my Dad's one request - so going ahead with it! If anyones seen anything similar cheaper - please post.

    Penny x
  • SophukSophuk Posts: 100

    We're paying £140 each for 2 new Jaguars. I think you'll be hard pushed to find 2 cars for £200. You could maybe see if you can bargain them down but I doubt it. x x x

  • Hi Catwood,

    When I was looking into car hire I was similarly confused about how much I should be budgeting and what was good/bad value. You can see my post here to get an idea of the range of prices if that would be of any help:

    In the end we went for a 1960s Mk II Jaguar for £195 ( It's doing two trips to the church (ie one trip for bridesmaids and one for me & my dad, then taking my and my new husband from the church to the reception venue).

    Hope that's of some help!

  • purplepunkukpurplepunkuk Posts: 3,187
    we are looking at either an s class mercedes or s type jaguar for £275 for 3 hours hire!! this is from an executive chaffeur hire company and not your run of the mill wedding car hire company!!!

    we do however have several uncles with company cars that might do the job just as well!!

    it depends what you are looking for but I do think £200 for 2 cars is not realistic for chaffeur driven cars!!

    have you though about hiring a car (from easycar or suchlike) and getting family to drive!! that would probably cost about £80 or so each car!!

    Sian x x x x
  • Kirsty_sukKirsty_suk Posts: 269
    We are on a tight budget so we are getting a mercedes s class from a car hire company luckily my mum works for an insurance firm and one of their partner companies is a car hire firm. We havent got the final price yet but it will be less than £100 and my mums friend is going to drive it. we get it for two days and can make as many trips as we like just gonna get some ribbon for it and some silk like material and flowers for parcel shelf. Try looking in the yellow pages for car hire companies but dont say its for a wedding.
  • nicolewallnicolewall Posts: 286
    We've got two cars. A Bentley Arnage for me and a Merc S Class for the BMs and Mum. It's costing us £590 for both of them but we managed to talk the company into picking up H2b and the ushers up in the merc before picking up the BMs for no extra cost so can't really complain.
  • Hi Nikkis2b

    Where abouts are you living? Or rather where is the car firm based? I'm in Norwich, but have had a quote from an Essex company for the car (I googled and it was the closet one on that surch). I think you have a good deal - our quote was £450 for just the bentley arnage. Haven't sent off my deposit cheque yet, so be interested to hear where your company is?



  • nicolewallnicolewall Posts: 286
    Hi Penny,

    The company is called Beckingham Chauffeur Co. based between Maldon and Colchester but I think they do Suffolk and Norfolk too. The website is

    We found them at a wedding fayre where they quoted us that price (plus a bit of fast talking from H2B to get the extra trip!) so not sure if it was a special deal or not.

    Definitely worth a try tho as they have been very good to deal with.

    Good Luck and let me know how you get on.

    Nikki xx
  • Thanks Nikki - will check it out!

  • hi lawmac

    I'm having same problems at the moment... I really want a black cab, but all the companies I call either say that the cab has logos on it or it costs 10 times as much because it's for a wedding. Who did you book yours through?


    We are paying £65 for a black taxi- although its taken a lot of work to find- quotes ranged up to £550 ! seems silly even at that the reduced price as we live next to the church and only travelling 4 miles to the reception.

    The car is really not that important to us, and one area I was happy to compromise on.
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    Hi, We have been quoted 42pounds for one executive car to take us to civil ceremony (20 mile one way trip) by of course I havent mentioned the W word as this may add another 200quid onto the quote. I might test the water cos a ribon would be nice, but can live without it if it means I am saving a couple of hundred pounds. x
  • KamieńKamień Posts: 3

    My best friend just rented car from here: 
    I wish I can make it one day too :)

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