OK, so I need a new skin regime as my current one sort of consists of maybe taking my make-up off before going to bed with a make-up wipe and whacking on a bit of moisturiser....I feel like I should be doing more to get my skin in tip top shape if I am spending so much time on my body! (Although you wouldn't know it with the 3 hobnobs I just devoured!) image

I know some of you ladies are pro's at the Dermalogica range and I need to know your recommendations for the top 5 items which I should get.

I have also just emailed the beautician to book in for a facial as since getting back from holiday I am having the first break-out of my life!! Never had spots, just 1 now and then and I now have loads of bumps under the skin around my temples and neck....nice!

Thanks x


  • debracobbdebracobb Posts: 287
    Hi Chubbs

    Well firstly I must say that I am by no means an expert on Dermalogica, what I would say is that I am now 35 and have used it constantly since I was 21 and I really feel and see the benefits - others do comment on my skin (without blowing my own trumpet but I have to as nobody else does!!)

    In case you don't get the response you are looking for off BBB you could repost this under Hair and Beauty I have noticed a lot of Beauty Therapists often answer Q's on there.

    What I would recommend is if you have a Dermalogica salon near you book an appointment to be 'face mapped' or go on to the website and I think you can input details of your skin it should then tell you what products to consider.

    I then buy all my Dermalogica off a site they are cheaper than salons, give you free samples and deliver the following day.

    Sorry if I haven't exactly told you about products but there are so many fab things they do I would be here all day.

    good luck xx
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    Hi Chubbs

    I would ask your beautician to recommend the products as it obviously depends a lot on your skin type. I had a breakout the other month and my beautician believeit was because my skin was so dry rather than the obvious oily.

    Dermalogica do great little travel kits with a range of products in- they're always a good starter

  • debracobbdebracobb Posts: 287
    Meant to also say that a friend of mine had the same skin routine as you Chubbs, she kept getting breakouts at 40 so I took her to my beautician who suggested the travel kit for starters but told her NOT to use either make up wipes or baby wipes as they contain something that can cause breakouts (cant remember exactly what - sorry!!)

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    Im a beauty therapist, i trained with Dermalogica at college (yrs ago now) i swear by daily microfoliant but it can get messy, skin prep is another one thats good and easier to use. Special cleansing gel is another one thats good for combination skin, its got lavender in it but this depends on how oily your skin actually is because you might need the next one up.

    I also sometimes use make up wipes, i should know better lol... it does bring me out in break outs tut tut!

    I would deffo wait until you see your therapist though, because she'll do a face map and tell you all the products to get.

    Hope you get it sorted!!

  • Hi, I have been using the daily microfoliant and special cleansing gel for about 2 years now and i love them. Occasionaly get the odd spot but I guess thats normal!

  • I have absaloutly no advice but i just wanted to add that I will also be going to have my skin 'mapped!'

    At the weekend i used my step mums dermalogica cleanser and moisturiser and my skin felt and looked amazing the next day! I normally just use a face wash and also suffer from lots of breakouts but the dermologica made if feel so good even after one use!

  • MezzalunaukMezzalunauk Posts: 471
    I have been using Dermalogica on and off for almost 10 years, and tried everything else in between it seems! (product-junkie...)

    Anyway, Dermalogica is one of the best series I have ever used, it doesn't do anything remarkable but keeps my problem skin in check, unlike most other things (I have very dry/sensitive skin and often react badly to products and makeup).

    I would say go for the mapping and see what they say suits your skin type. Basically all you really need is a cleanser and moisturiser. The toners I find are a waste of money, the moisturisers are really really good though. It's the only brand that works for me, and far better than more expensive stuff I have tried. If you wanted some more bits, you could get an eye cream and an exfoliator (as previously mentioned Daily Microfoliant is very good. I just keep mine in the shower and use it while my conditioner works in my hair - avoids the mess). Also if your skin is ageing or slightly dry, the Hydrating Booster is amazing! If the therapist recommends it for you - buy it! I have bought several of the face masks over the years, but they don't really do much for me, I find cleansing and moisturising properly twice a day does the trick for my skin.

    Also - worth noting - Dermalogica has a money back guarantee, so if you're not 100% happy with something, take it back and they refund your money. Most salons don't inform you of this, but they all ahve to do it... I have done it a few times when I haven't been entirely happy with the product.
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    Thanks ladies...I am going to go for the skin mapping as you have all recommended and hopefully she will also be able to do something about these bumps.

    I had no idea the wipes were bad to use - I kind of figured they wouldn't cleanse properly but had no idea they can cause breakouts.

    Thank you for all your lovely advice - does sound like Dermalogica is they way forward.
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    Chubbs - Dermlogica is good (I have faithfully used their eye cream for YEARS and like the powder that you can use to scrub your face), but I prefer Eve Lom cleanser and creams.


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    I swear by Dermalogica!! I started using it earlier this year after having terrible skin over the winter months & it's honestly made so much of a difference. You really need to go for the face mapping for them to advise specific products for your own skin type. ENJOY!! xx
  • xCocoAndPudxxCocoAndPudx Posts: 520
    I bought a dermalogica travel kit at heathow 2 days ago (the normal/dry option) and I think i feel the difference already, the moisturiser isn't as creamy as I would normally use though.

    Rarajd- I'm with you on the eve lom thing but I'm trying to budget on cosmetics because I'm a total product junkie!!

  • did you have your skin 'mapped' was it?
  • Chubbs1ukChubbs1uk Posts: 2,013
    Not yet MrsV-2B - I haven't had a chance and now Boo is getting me in to thinking about Liz Earle.

    I think I will book a facial soon though, I am coming up to my 6 month mark (before the wedding) and that's when I said I would start 6 weekly facials. x
  • viccipviccip Posts: 2,161
    I've got to agree with Boo on the Liz Earle, i love it!! I was only in Kingston today stocking up on my products.

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    I love Dermalogica, I use the daily microfoliant, special gel cleanser and the factor 30 moisturiser as suncream when on hols...

    Can I recommend that you buy your products here... you won't have to pay VAT on them....clever, eh?

    The only thing is that they ship all products to you individually, so that no one parcel exceeds the export threshold - this can be a bit of a pain, but well worth it for the savings...


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    Hi, I wanted to get my skin in shape for my wedding and my beauty therapist friend recommended md formulation illuminating kit, it's about £44 but she used it for her wedding and her skin looked amazing!! It evened out her skin tone and gave her skin a healthy glow - it really worked!!!!
  • i am a dermalogica junkie. Started using it beginning of this year AND everyone has commented on how my skin glows.

    i would highly recommend the following;

    special cleansing gel

    daily microexfoliant

    multiactive toner

    skin smoothing cream

    hydrating masque

    yep....i'm ashamed to say, slowly over the months i have started using ALL of these!! BUT to start i would recommend the skin smoothing cream and the microexfoliant.

    Its fab...i've spent years swapping and changing different makes (inc more expensive brands) and so far this is the only one i've stuck to for so long!
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